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Mega Man V - Boss Vulnerability Changes

Hack of Mega Man V


Mega Man V (Gameboy) – Boss Vulnerability Changes

v1.0, by hmsong

(Yes, this is compatible with the DX hack too)

Mega Man V (aka Mega Man World 5) was the last Mega Man game for the original Gameboy. Mega Man I~IV were all ports of the NES Mega Man games with slight changes, but Mega Man V was entirely original, with a new Mega Buster (called Mega Arm), bosses, and story. And it was great, not just because of new contents, but because the boss vulnerability was changed so that most bosses had at least 2 weaknesses (one very effective, and one semi-effective).

Sadly, the game had many flaws, and one of the major flaws was that the bosses had their weaknesses all over the place. So, this patch does the following:

  • Distribute the boss vulnerabilities more evenly (including Tango), in order to increase the usefulness and availability of the weapons against their specific bosses – not just in damage, but in practical usage sense. Some are very effective, and some are semi-effective. Generally, any given boss is weak to one weapon from the first 4 bosses, and another from the later 4 bosses – see the attached chart for more detail. Unfortunately, not much could be done for Uranus’s Deep Digger, because it required specific map tiles. It now works against Uranus himself (as his room is one of the two boss rooms that actually has the necessary tiles), but that doesn’t really mitigate the unavailability of Deep Digger tiles during most boss fights.
  • Makes the GB-unique bosses from the past Mega Man games match their previous vulnerabilities, to certain level. Quint was supposed to be weak to everything (some weapons doing more damage than others), Punk was supposed to be invulnerable to everything, and Ballade was supposed to be vulnerable to everything (only weak to Power Stone). Instead of those, Quint is now simply vulnerable to all weapons (only weak to TA and SA), Punk is only invulnerable to the weapons similar to the ones from MMIII, and Ballade is only invulnerable to the weapons similar to the ones from MMIV.
  • Makes the Wily Brain fight slightly more challenging by making him not weak to Spark Chaser.
  • Change up the Mega Arm’s effectiveness for enemies that were supposed to be immune to Mega Arm’s bullets. Specifically, the bullets won’t do any damage (no reflect animation though), but the charged fist will do 1 damage (and CL upgrade can do additional damages, as usual).

If anyone has any specific requests regarding the boss vulnerabilities, then let the creator know. He is open to suggestions and may be able to work out a solution.

Applying Notes:

  • Compatible with marc_max’s Mega Man World 5 DX. While the order shouldn’t matter, but to be safe, apply MMW5DX patch first, then apply this patch.

If you have any questions or find errors, please PM hmsong on (click the name, then click the name next to “Forum Account”, then click “Send PM”).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Mega Man V (USA) (SGB Enhanced)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20210227-015730)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 9A7DA0E4D3F49E4A0B94E85CD64E28A687D81260
  • File/ROM CRC32: 72E6D21D



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