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Adventures of Lala 2

Hack of Adventures of Lolo 2


This hack swaps Lolo and Lala around, and edits palettes&text accordingly.

There are two versions, one for each region.

If you want to add my QoL patch too, then patch that first and then patch this one on top of that.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Patch to following:
  • USA version:
  • Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA).nes (NO-intro)
  • CRC32 862AB1E5
  • MD5 0F8EAC497ADC07858685B8E84E59A56B
  • SHA-1 47D217722BC2375163EBB4B0821DD6EB3ACB38FF
  • Japanese version:
  • Adventures of Lolo (Japan).nes (NO-intro)
  • CRC32 D9C4CBF7
  • MD5 72A5692523AD5AB51CF2272A06D669D0
  • SHA-1 355E2A11E6E585DAB55635766C43BC4C0E5D6968



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