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Maniac Mansion Uncensored

Hack of Maniac Mansion


Maniac Mansion for the Nintendo Entertainment System was heavily censored prior to its release. This hack seeks to replace as much censored content as possible from the original Commodore 64 version.

The following changes are included:

Graphics and Gameplay

  • The skeleton is added to the dungeon and the dungeon layout is updated to match the original (never before seen in the NES version)
  • The Kill Thrill arcade game is restored (never before seen in the NES version), with optional patch for Douglas Crockford’s Muff Diver
  • The pennant is added in Weird Ed’s room (only seen in a previous hack)
  • The surplus body parts are now in Cousin Ted’s room (never before seen in the NES version)
  • The poster and calendar are back in Cousin Ted’s room (never before seen in the NES version), with optional graphics and text patch
  • The Disco Sucks poster is restored in Green Tentacle’s room
  • The shower text, for a good time, is restored
  • The statue in the hallway is restored
  • Green Tentacle kills the player after hearing the tentacle mating call recording (never before seen in the NES version)

Text Changes

  • Edna: Dungeon dialog (should have tied you to my bed etc.)
  • Edna: Phone dialog (heavy breathing etc.)
  • Ed: He hasn’t eaten in 5 years
  • Dr. Fred: getting your pretty brains sucked out.
  • Dr. Fred: The meteor is going to be pissed!
  • Dr. Fred: You’re going to piss off the meteor.
  • Dr. Fred: Don’t be a smart ass!
  • Green Tentacle: think I’ll kill myself!
  • Purple Tentacle: Kill him.
  • Meteor: Dr. Fred, release the women, all the women.
  • Meteor: Prepare to die!
  • Player: Damn! broke it! (for Ed’s piggy bank)
  • Calendar text in Ted’s room
  • Brain diagram’s Chewy carmel center
  • SCUMM System and NES SCUMM version in credits

(Note that some of the above may be slightly modified here since does not accept personal pronouns in the description.)

Other Fixes

  • The glitched graphics in the room under the house are fixed
  • The glitched coin box graphics in the arcade are fixed
  • Don’t want my tape back text correctly assigned to Green Tentacle instead of player

This hack is built upon the Maniac Mansion Decoded hack and also includes the Maniac Maniac Mansion Mouse Hack.

Optional Patches

The following optional patches are included:

  • lflu_rah.ips - Change the pennant text to read L.F.L.U. Rah! like the original.
  • muff_diver.ips - Rename the censored arcade game to Muff Diver as suggested by Douglas Crockford.
  • original_dungeon.ips - Remove the skeleton and layout changes in the dungeon, reverting to the original.
  • playmummy.ips - Use the censored text and graphics from the prototype for Ted’s calendar.
  • remove_mouse.ips - Remove the mouse driver.
  • star_wars_poster.ips - Add the Star Wars poster to the arcade room.


Overlooked something? Want more optional patches? Glitches? PM gzip.


Use the online patcher at (or the patcher of your choice) to apply the bps patch to:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Maniac Mansion (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: 7317D1F1096B57F6AB8F3001BCDD35665C291B1A
  • File CRC32: 68309D06



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
gzipHackingHacking and graphics
HonkeyKongHackingMouse Hack

User Review Information

User Reviews
Waited 36 years for thisEl Duderino23 May 20232.2Yes
This hack was needed to make the game what it should be.Wolfie10 May 20232.0Yes