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Super Hack Mario 2 : Bowser is Back

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 2


Obviously, Super Hack Mario was way too easy for you… No problem, Bowser is back, and he’s not done annoying you! He and his henchmen have reshaped the Mushroom Kingdom, adding more levels and difficulty! In Super Hack Mario 2: Bowser is Back, you’ll find :

  • 52 new levels using new gameplay mechanics (winds, Red Piranhas, poisonous mushrooms…)
  • 6 new warps zones
  • 16 new bonuses
  • 2 bonus worlds with a compilation of all bonuses spread over the different levels
  • A new castle compared to Super Hack Mario 1
  • Bonuses granted by playing Luigi (flag points and access to secret zones, it’s up to you to discover them)

But also additional difficulties…. :

  • Bowser takes 10 hits to die, instead of 5
  • Enemies go 50% faster
  • The timer goes down 50% faster
  • No more 1Up mushrooms. The only three existing ways are to create enemy combos (with Koopa shells in particular), by having a multiple of 11 coins, and the end timer unit corresponding to this multiple of coins (example: finishing a level with 88 coins and a timer of 158 will give you a 1Up), and obviously, collect 100 coins.
  • Finally, wall jumps are also necessary to advance in new areas !

While waiting for Super Hack Mario 3, have fun and a good adventure !

Download Super Hack Mario here :

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario Brothers 2 (Japan) (DV 0)
  • Database: No-Intro: Famicom Disk System (v. 20180726-130152)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 20E50128742162EE47561DB9E82B2836399C880C
  • File/ROM CRC32: F04CD4CD



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