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Castlevania Legends: Reduced Controls

Hack of Castlevania Legends


This is a mostly useless hack. It removes Sonia Belmont’s ability to control her movement in mid-air, bringing the game more in line with the other Castlevania titles.

  • Belmont can no longer change direction nor stop in mid-air
  • (optional) Belmont no longer begins falling again when the jump button is released. WARNING: there is at least one part of the game that could become difficult or impossible as a result.

This is all mostly intended as a joke, but it may be of legitimate interest to anyone looking for an extra challenge, or to players who are used to the usual Classic-vania controls and are tripped up by this game’s. For instance, one player has reported that this patch actually makes it easier to grab ropes.

If you’re looking for the reverse – bringing Legends-style air controls to other Castlevania games – you may be interested in this hack for Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge, or in this hack for Castlevania, among others.

Hack compatability info: Because this hack is very simple and all patches are short, in-place nops, it’s very unlikely that it will conflict with any other hack.

You can use Lunar IPS to apply the appropriate hack to your Castlevania: Legends or Akumajou Dracula: Dark Night Prelude ROM file.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • US/EU ROM (SGB Enhanced):
  • MD5: 1475824e7262c0d6359f43c287e034a5
  • SHA256: 56d3dee063b8801704a284bd1bc229b94f15a3a448f485d347f04283d9bd16d7
  • CRC32: ad9c17fb
  • JP ROM (SGB Enhanced):
  • MD5: 6761f77e6daa82120dd7c73adeec777e
  • SHA256: 8e45c7d6b5498d4048653e92b2a792bb2eea00b2897a7711fb7be1b6bed0534f
  • CRC32: 4825b25f



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