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Combined iQue & Console Zelda Chiamshou Shiguang Zhi Di Patch

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


This patch to the Simplified Chinese version detects if the game is played on an iQue or console and selects proper save and controller support for the device. If played on an iQue it will save to the device as usual. If played on a console, hardware saves and Rumble Pak support is enabled.

It also applies two bugfixes. The correct MP cost for light arrows is displayed in the menu, and if played with an expansion pak the “out of memory” bugs that plague the iQue version no longer occur.

Patches are provided for both the decrypted ROM and once-encrypted app.

On iQue: It’s designed as a (mostly) drop-in replacement for provided you either can resign the ticket or use hackit.sys to load it. Upload the modified tickets, the .app, and run as usual. (If the ticket is unsigned, run via hackit.) A video of this may, with any luck, be found here: Alternately, doubly-encrypt the standalone ROM and overload an existing encrypted title.

Important: to utilize the memory fix, iQue users need to change the RDRAM size in their ticket to 00600000. OoT only uses 6MB at most (the original planned XPak size), but it initializes (almost) all of memory detected at boot. If left at 4MB the memory patch won’t be in effect, and set to 8MB it may overwrite your save. You can also set the new SHA1 in the ticket to 045B50E1E10C224E78AA77A038B990125E8CD2B1.

On console: For the sake of flashcarts that look at GUID codes to differentiate these patches from retail titles, a GUID and timestamp were added. The device type is set to “B” for “BB Player” (not “Q”), and region to “C” for China. Internal names are encoded using codepage 936 (normally CP 932). Bootstraps (IPL3) are swapped to match their retail counterparts; iQue does not, in fact, run this code. The GUID will, for better or worse, match unQue titles.

Note: the target for this patch is iQue & console. Emulator use is *not* recommended. It does not mask away iQue registers, and some emulators throw errors or crash on their access. Use the “unQue Zelda Chiamshou Shiguang Zhi Di” patch with those instead.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • *(Decrypted) Simplified Chinese Patch: "decrypted.xdelta"
  • *(Decrypted) Simplified Chinese Common Names
  • 2101104
  • 00200F70.z64
  • Zelda Chiamshou Shiguang Zhi Di (Simplified).z64
  • *(Decrypted) Simplified Chinese Original File Checksums
  • *SHA-1
  • 1015D0F3AF34B89149BFD773580BBC66466AF54E
  • *SHA-512
  • 6D4473730799D631E457F8BF289CABC4979560EDCFD83E549133865600D6696E6C4236272FA925AA8A40A46D5C3A7166319AC9296B005442122120402DFD2D5A
  • *(Encrypted) Simplified Chinese Patch: "app.xdelta"
  • *(Encrypted) Simplified Chinese Common Name
  • *(Encrypted) Simplified Chinese Original File Checksums
  • *SHA-1
  • 47BAD44EB197B619FA7EB534F763267CF4437B08
  • *SHA-512
  • D792A1D60DB79D2F8C100168DF54081435CDD2A9319F8EFB5894C30C5B4B83451B2E3A6282E49FF722EC2117071CCA8ACC82AF55D2271B9876123BE1126F79BF



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