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Starfox: EX

Hack of Star Fox


“The Star Fox Team is back! But this time, their mission is to fight for their very existence!

The Mario Bros. have decided that the Star Fox franchise no longer has a place within the grand Nintendo universe, and has set out to destroy the Lylat System forever, with the help of characters from more successful Nintendo IPs! They have also posed as Andross in order to hire the infamous Star Wolf team, a rival band of mercenaries led by Wolf O’Donnell, to distract Star Fox while they pull off their plans! Can Fox and his team put aside their former friendship with the Nintendo All-Stars to save both the Lylat System and everything associated with their franchise?”

Experience the amazing power of the Super NES and the SuperFX chip and take full control of Starfox!

This romhack boasts dozens of amazing additions and features, including, but not limited to:

  • A brand new map with 17 new levels, new bosses, music, backgrounds, enemies and more!
  • A 3+ page pre-game menu to customize your experience!
  • Use the SNES Mouse, Super Scope, NTT Data Pad or Multi-Tap for a new way to play!
  • Play with 2/3/4/5 people, AI controlled teammates, or ships all controlled by player 1!
  • Wireframe mode, grid lines, palette changes and more!
  • Customize your player ship and crosshair style with new crosshair functionality!
  • A full model test viewer, BGM/SFX test menu and Super Scope Calibration screen!

Experience the passion project that has seen thousands of hours dedicated to it: Starfox: EX

Twitter: @kandowontu Discord:


  • Loosened barrel roll timing (3 frames - 5)
  • Fixed nova bombs - were doing 6 damage instead of 8
  • Space levels had their movement area confined too far
  • In first person, the laser was shooting too low, not centered
  • The animation of “coming out of cockpit” is now disabled
  • First person view issues fixed (model not showing, hud not disappearing, crosshair reappearing incorrectly, ability to break scenes is now fixed)
  • Fixed issue where broken wing/death would respawn with a broken wing forever as well as causing other issues
  • Added original crosshair during boost/brake (disappears with meters on)
  • When crosshair type set to “off”, will still show on first person like vanilla
  • Fixed multitap bug - 2 player multitap was showing life bars and the multitap style hp/bombs
  • Fixed multiplayer bug - when players revived they had no bombs
  • Fixed 2p bug - second lifebar was disappearing while p1 was dead
  • Boss orbs buffed slightly for range/life, nerfed for damage
  • updated DFX model
  • Typo fixes
  • Training mode - you now start at the center of the screen (helpful for classic camera)
  • 5-1/6-1/7-1 Linktron clones will no longer be able to hit you after his death
  • 5-2 - Before the mountain more delay is given before you lose control to make sure all enemies are gone
  • 5-2 - Halved the fire rate of gekkou mid-boss (nerf)
  • 5-2 - Added laser pod enemy after checkpoint
  • 5-3 - Added another laser pod enemy after the checkpoint, couple of bomb pickups
  • 5-3 - Removed one patch of metroids, lessened metroids in other areas (nerf)
  • 5-3 - Renamed Ninja Ball to Morph Ball
  • 5-3 - Slowed Morph Ball’s rolling speed from 100 units per frame to 75 units per frame (NERFFFFF)
  • 5-3 - Morph Ball - Less skulls fire at player (NERF NERF NERF)
  • 5-3 - Lowered the damage from Morph Ball’s rolling hits from 16 - 12 damage
  • 5-4 - Added a few bomb drop enemies
  • 5-4 - Added a little downtime for King Dodora when it hits the back for a chance to attack it
  • 5-5 - Added additional laser pod enemy after checkpoint, moved laser pod enemy in first half back a little
  • 6-1 - Added a laser drop enemy
  • 6-2 - Added a bomb pickup, laser pod
  • 6-3 - Reduced hitbox of big meteors (256 - 240 units^3), spaced a few trouble ones out
  • 6-3 - Removed some of the wait times (to even out w/ hardware timing)
  • 6-3 - Added 2 bomb skill pickups, removed wing powerup skill pickup
  • 6-5 - Fixed the super cheesy enemy spawns from Gyrarga’s routines
  • 6-6 - Added laser pod enemy
  • 7-1 - Added a second laser pod enemy, couple of bomb-droppers
  • 7-2 - Added a second laser pod enemy, couple of bomb-droppers
  • 7-2 - Galaxip boss can’t be brake-cheesed anymore
  • 7-3 - Added a second laser pod enemy, a bomb-dropper
  • 7-3 - Added dialogue for Rexius (highly requested!)
  • 7-3 - Rexius has been adjusted for fairer play (longer delays before fire stream/spawns, closer columns/volcano)
  • 7-3 - Change rate of pillars vs volcanos from 64/128 to 96/128 chance of pillars (rexius)
  • 7-3 - Fix despawning glitch for rexius (boost cheese)
  • 7-4 - Added laser pod spawn after checkpoint, some bomb pickups
  • 7-4 - Air raider - lightning bolts slowed from 24 - 19 speed, life extended from 40 - 45
  • 7-4 - Air raider - fixed z chase position (fixes brake/boost cheesing)
  • Suisei - Yoshi - Fixed Z position chase

Final Tunnel/Boss:

  • Fixed restarting in final tunnel (5-5, 6-6, 7-5) - music was loaded with a delay so STAGE X was showing before the song load delay
  • Fix mario/luigi z position chase (fixes brake/boost cheesing)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Star Fox (USA) (Rev 2)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: CF08148CD8F26D51F8C67C956179DFC594E7A4F1
  • File/ROM CRC32: 8FC4E6D0



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
kandowontuHackingLead developer, ASM work
SegaRetro92GraphicsGraphics, Palettes, Backgrounds
Random StuffMusicMusic, Models, Levels
phonymikeHackingMusic, SPC ASM, General Lifesaver
EuclidiumGraphicsModeling, Model Conversions
Livvy94MusicMusic Contributions, Music Transcriptions
Sunlitspace542GraphicsAvatar work, Misc Graphics
CoolKScript Editing/RevisionGeneral gruntwork, ASM modifications
CatadorHackingGeneral ASM help
MrL314HackingSuperFX Code, Music BIN unpacking
StudsXMusicMusic Contribution
PlasmarielMusicMusic Contributions
ChromiusGraphicsGraphical Contribution
MorshuGraphicsGraphical Contribution
FenixGraphicsMetroid Sprites