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This patch lets you select any of the 8 assist characters, no matter what primary character you select. The assist character pictures will still show only 4 pictures, but the name underneath will show the names of all 8 characters as you wrap around.

This patch is mainly intended for Versus mode. The assist character selection menu will work the same way in Story mode, but selecting a Kree assist character appears to have no effect in Story mode.

This patch was primarily designed for use in the Fightcade in conjunction with the boss hack here: If using both patches, make sure to apply the boss hack first, then this one. If using it on fightcade, be sure to rename the zip to so it’ll be recognized for the hack’s lobby.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • → sf_00-0.7k
  • SHA-1: E8BE1751029AEA74680AC00CD7F3CF84E1ADFC56
  • CRC32: 7D20E2DF



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Bavi_HHackingPrimary Hacking Work

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