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Between May 18th, 2002 and June 30th, 2002 if you went to Pokémon Center Tokyo or Osaka, or one of a number official Pokémon gyms in Japan, then you could battle a staff member and receive a secret code from them, which when entered on the Options screen (while on-location) would enable you to access the ability to catch Mew and Celebi from infrared signals being broadcast there.

This event was called ポケモンショックテトリス赤外線でゲットだぜ!キャンペーン meaning the “You can get things in Pokémon Shock Tetris from infrared rays!” campaign. The participating gym locations were in Sapporo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. If you beat the staff member, you could receive a T-shirt. If anyone has one, please send a photo!!

For people outside of Japan (or in the future) who missed this opportunity, the event has to be emulated. Although replicating the IR communication is in progress, that alone would be difficult for people who only have one console or are playing on emulator.

As such, this patch disables the checks for whether or not one participated in the event. This allows anyone to catch Mew and Celebi in Standard or 20 Lines on Master difficulty. They only appear for 2 turns, similar to the other legendaries, so good luck!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon Tetris (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
  • CRC32: 2FB23527
  • CRC32 ignoring the bottom $2100 bytes: 9349C0A4
  • MD5: F100CAF74574AEABE5084F3B5C9E03D2
  • Pokemon Shock Tetris (JP)
  • CRC32: B4B5CC20
  • CRC32 ignoring the bottom $2100 bytes: 084E39A3
  • MD5: 8243AD09F4E470E239056B096083B6BD



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