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FFT: Reimagined

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


FFT: Reimagined is a new take on the Final Fantasy Tactics. Nearly every Job (both generic and special) has received updates, either through changed stat growths or revamped abilities. The Readme has a (very long) list of all changes made.

Major Changes Include:

  • Overhauls to nearly all Jobs
  • New Items and Equipment
  • Updates to Story Mode encounters
  • - Most changes made to boss/miniboss battles
  • Overhaul to the Deep Dungeon
  • - All encounters changed
  • - New items can be found
  • - Missable gear can be acquired
  • - New boss fights!

Read the Readme for detailed information! Or don’t if you want to go in blind and see what happens.

Use PPF-o-Matic to satisfy your patching needs!

  • This project is still in beta as tweaks and updates are still being made. The vast majority of this patch is in a releasable state, so it is being opened up to other FFT players for their enjoyment. Feedback is always welcome.
  • *Incorrect file in original upload. PPF file should be included now.
  • *.9 Update

Weapon Overhaul. Most of the weapons have been adjusted to suit particular Jobs. Weapon power and other boosts they provided have also been changed.

Various small changes have been made. Refer to ReadMe for full list

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCUS-94221




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