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Phantasy Star IV Rebalance

Hack of Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium


This is a rebalancing mod for Phantasy Star IV The end of Millennium. The purpose of this balance is to create a more challenging and not unnecessarily difficult adventure for the player who wants to replay this game.

Here are the following changes that have been made to the game:

  • Characters will now play their role in battle much better and will be more differentiated in game.
  • Allied techniques that inflict elemental damage have been changed to their use to only support the player.
  • The support and healing techniques have been completely rebalanced, this forces you to use items like Monomate or Dimate to survive the long dungeons.
  • Allied skills have been changed to be a wild card to use in critical situations or against powerful or dangerous enemies.
  • Some enemies have seen their agility increase, this allows them to dodge the hits of the characters much easier and therefore now they will have to be defeated using a mix of attacks and skills.
  • Skills, attacks and techniques will now increase by much more power as characters level up.
  • The allies stats that increase with level up will also have a bigger impact in game and give more bonuses.
  • All enemies have had their stats increased.
  • Most of the enemies had a increase of HP, stats by + 32%, physical and magic attack by + 18%, and defense and resistance by +5.
  • Early game enemies only had a +5 point increase in all of their stats.
  • The enemies of the second part of the game, once you arrived in Dezolis, had a particular and much more specific increase in their stats based on the supporting character you have at that moment (Raja or Kyra), same thing for the enemies of endgame dungeons.
  • Some enemies are now more resistant or immune to techniques or skills that inflict K.O
  • The final dungeon has been changed to really be the last challenge to be faced in the game, same thing for the final boss.
  • All bosses have had a more careful and specific increase in their stats, many mini-bosses will now be real bosses and will have to be faced using a different strategy.
  • All enemies will now have different abilities that they can use, plus their AI has been changed.
  • The bosses will now have to be faced using different strategies and will have a new AI and they will be able to use additional skills in addition to the ones they already use.
  • The experience gained in battle has been increased by 50%, based on the new balance, allowing the player to learn different skills and techniques much earlier in the game and use them to his advantage, also reduces the training time of the characters.
  • The meseta earned by defeating enemies have been increased by + 30%, this allows the player to buy healing items and equipment without any problems.
  • All enemy abilities have been rebalanced, some will have a modified animation based on the enemy that will use them and others will be able to inflict different debuffs or double debuffs.
  • The AI ​​of the enemies has been made more intelligent and they will adapt better to the battles, for example if a character will use the techniques against them, the enemy will use Barrier to reduce the damage taken, same thing for other situations in battle.
  • Some enemies, especially robots, will use both physical and magical attacks, this makes Barrier much more useful in game.
  • The chance of dropping items at the end of the battle from enemies has been slightly increased.
  • Enemies will have an AI that will become more aggressive as they lose HP, this will allow them to activate their dangerous abilities more often.

Tips for playing:

  • Buy many items
  • Use Deban and Barrier if the enemy is dangerous
  • Use Saner and Gelun to have an advantage in battle
  • use skills at certain times of the battle to have an advantage over the enemy
  • use offensive techniques to hit the enemy in so as to save some skills for the bosses
  • always have a character who uses shields in battle placed in the front row.
  • The final boss can be defeated without problems from level 56+ (obviously using a suitable strategy, otherwise he will destroy you).
  • The difficulty level goes up when you reach Zio’s Fortress and then goes up again when you reach Air Castle.
  • It is recommended to have at least all characters at LV 36 before arriving at Air Castle.
  • Many enemies skills have been modified in both their power and their use.
  • You will need to use both Barrier and Deban to reduce the damage of some enemies.

Such as the three bosses of Aircastle whose trio ability will inflict physical and non magical damage.

  • If the mod seems difficult for you, just stop a few minutes to level up your characters.

Balance and Experience, Meseta of Enemies is designed for a player who continues the story to have a difficult challenge, while a player who stops the story and trains the characters will have a more balanced battle.

Below there is a preview video of a very weak mini-boss from the game that has been modified to be a real boss. No character training was done.

Character level: Rika LV 32, Rune LV 29, Chaz LV 30, Wren LV 28.

Update Version 1.1

  • Slightly reduced the Mental and Attack stats of all enemies, including bosses.
  • Slightly reduced the power of enemy spells and abilities, including bosses.
  • Slightly tweaked the enemy AI to make them use abilities less often in battle, not for bosses.
  • Reduced the use of more dangerous skills for some enemies, not bosses.
  • Reduced the use of enemies debuff abilities, not bosses.
  • Fixed a slight bug that occurs against the three bosses in Air Castle.
  • Returned the AI ​​of the three Air Castle bosses to vanilla version.
  • Changed Rune’s Hewn ability to now deal damage of a different element.
  • Made all monsters in the Rune story arc (LV 17 only) much more resist Gra and Hewn
  • Changed the AI ​​of Shadowsabre, Froostsaber and Bloodsaber.
  • Juza’s AI changed, he will now use AOE attacks less times.
  • Boss D-Elm-Larsa will now be able to inflict paralysis with his physical attacks.
  • Reduced XE-A-THOUL’s Mental by 20 points and changed some of their abilities.
  • Slightly reduced the offensive power of the enemy Warren286.
  • Slightly reduced the offensive power of the first Dark Force.
  • Slightly reduced the HP of Snow Slug.
  • Fixed a bug with Owltalon’s ability activation.
  • Slightly increased the offensive power of allied techniques: Nafoi, Nawat, Nagra and Nathu.
  • Reduced the offensive power of Twinarms.
  • Increased by +75% EXP gained from defeating Twinarms and Soldrfiend.
  • Increased by +25% EXP gained from defeating Lifedeletr.
  • Slightly increased Gisar’s healing.
  • Differentiated more the power between the various elemental techniques.
  • Changed the AI ​​of the second Dark Force, he will now become more aggressive when his HP is low.
  • The battle against the Dominators has been made a little easier.
  • Changed the strategy to use to defeat the third Dark Force.
  • Rebalanced Elysideon, it will now be unable to inflict instant K.O to most of the enemies in the final dungeon.

V 1.1(Fixed) Corrected the name of the ups file, corrections of minor errors.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Phantasy Star IV (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20210226-213851)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: BC7FF6D6A8408F38562BC610F24645CAD6C42629
  • File/ROM CRC32: FE236442



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