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Play as Galen Kor in Avengers in Galactic Storm (Versus Mode)

Hack of Avengers in Galactic Storm


This mod allows you to play as the boss character Galen Kor in Versus mode. On the Versus mode character select screen, you can move off the left or right edge to hide the selection cursor then press button 1 to select Galen Kor.

Galen Kor Movelist:

  • Gun: 236A/B
  • Anti-air Gun: 623A/B
  • Grenade throw: 63214B
  • Ground projectile: 214B
  • Spreadshot: (air) 41236B (Can be TK’d)
  • Charging uppercut: 421B
  • Charging uppercut gun follow-up: 421B
  • Foolish Terran (Taunt): 641236A

ROM / ISO Information:

  • → sf_00-0.7k
  • SHA-1: E8BE1751029AEA74680AC00CD7F3CF84E1ADFC56
  • CRC32: 7D20E2DF
  • → sf_01-0.7l
  • SHA-1: 8C4E28CDE9E93457197B1849E6C9EF9516B5732F
  • CRC32: F37C0A01



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Bavi_HHackingPrimary Hacking Work

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