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unQue Zelda Chuanshou Shiguang Zhi Di

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


“Zelda Chuanshou Shiguang Zhi Di”, also known as “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” or “Zelda no Densetsu: Toki no Ocarina” in other regions, uses emulated SRAM on iQue. Functions to check if a Rumble Pak is present and send it values are stubbed. After patching the iQue title, hardware SRAM and controller slot devices will function on retail N64s.

The patched ROM expects a 256k SRAM on its board; CIC is 6105. Rumble Paks are supported. The displayed cost of light arrows in the Simplified Chinese version has been corrected from 2MP to 4MP.

An 8MB Expansion Pak is REQUIRED for the Traditional Chinese version. See the “Notes” section in the readme for more information. An Expansion Pak is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Simplified Chinese. Without one the game is subject to the same load failures and crash bugs the original iQue release is plagued with.

Apply the xdelta patch using the similarly named xdelta; use version 3.0.8 or up. The patch will only apply to a *decrypted* ROM in native (big-endian) byteorder.

  • There are two versions of this title: Simplified & Traditional Chinese. Use the appropriate patch as described below.

This unQue patch series is directed at restoring save support and reversing library changes in iQue titles so they function reliably on retail consoles and a wider range of emulators–at the expense of breaking iQue support.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • *Simplified Chinese Patch Name
  • Zelda Chuanshou Shiguang Zhi Di (Simplified).xdelta
  • *Simplified Chinese Common Names
  • 2101104
  • 00200F70.z64
  • Zelda Chuanshou Shiguang Zhi Di (Simplified).z64
  • *Simplified Chinese Original File Checksums (Decrypted)
  • *SHA-1
  • 1015D0F3AF34B89149BFD773580BBC66466AF54E
  • *SHA-512
  • 6D4473730799D631E457F8BF289CABC4979560EDCFD83E549133865600D6696E6C4236272FA925AA8A40A46D5C3A7166319AC9296B005442122120402DFD2D5A
  • *
  • *Traditional Chinese Patch Name
  • Zelda Chuanshou Shiguang Zhi Di (Traditional).xdelta
  • *Traditional Chinese Common Names
  • 2106101
  • 002022F5.z64
  • Zelda Chuanshou Shiguang Zhi Di (Traditional).z64
  • *Traditional Chinese Original File Checksums (Decrypted)
  • *SHA-1
  • 8668469647423735CC05F55A479C9D3135FBF838
  • *SHA-512
  • 1C4A3BEA974C48C716B66F2DBCCA3AD287E801E0AC3E46202F58D0ADFAC3CE5179271B2202C81EA7B4CCB86AF58E0F00BF0B381156D926BA734ADB317BFF8610



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