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unQue Yueye Motuo

Hack of Excitebike 64


“Yueye Motuo”, aka “Excitebike 64″ in other regions, uses emulated EEPROM on iQue. Functions to check if a Rumble Pak is present and send it values are stubbed, and the rotor event handler removed. After patching the iQue title, hardware EEPROM and controller slot devices will function on retail N64s.

The patched ROM expects a 16k EEPROM on its board; CIC is 6103. Up to four controllers, Controller Paks, and Rumble Paks are supported.

Apply the xdelta patch using the similarly named xdelta; use version 3.0.8 or up. The patch will only apply to a *decrypted* ROM in native (big-endian) byteorder.

This unQue patch series is directed at restoring save support and reversing library changes in iQue titles so they function reliably on retail consoles and a wider range of emulators–at the expense of breaking iQue support.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • *Common Names
  • 5102108
  • 004DDA1C.z64
  • Yueye Motuo.z64
  • *Original File Checksums (Decrypted)
  • *SHA-1
  • E20D95E7C53C3D7ED7857BB89F0C79C94578BB4F
  • *SHA-512
  • F04A9FB2A9CD06D0329F8CA32C7DEDFC438FA295D2C430E1D8C3E38D52186C48105D1D39BB070DD28FCD02E24DEB836D64C23C7326AE6D22CDF5E39CCCDD6463




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