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unQue F-Zero X Weilai Saiche

Hack of F-Zero X


“F-Zero X Weilai Saiche”, more concisely “F-Zero X” in other regions, uses emulated SRAM on iQue. Patching the iQue title restores hardware SRAM and support for controller devices for use on a retail N64.

The patched ROM expects a 256k SRAM on its board; CIC is 6106. Rumble Paks are supported.

Apply the xdelta patch using the similarly named xdelta; use version 3.0.8 or up. The patch will only apply to a *decrypted* ROM in native (big-endian) byteorder.

This unQue patch series is directed at restoring save support and reversing library changes in iQue titles so they function reliably on retail N64 consoles and a wider range of emulators–at the expense of breaking iQue support.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • *Common Names
  • 5202103
  • 004F60B7.z64
  • F-Zero X Weilai Saiche.z64
  • *Original File Checksums (Decrypted)
  • *SHA-1
  • 3C7FA54BE9C0124C502F1C8DF53765F82D401508
  • *SHA-512
  • F42CF4B939F167E396B3F958C510911EBE3FB6DF0605ACB95A384B81CFE048898141EB8AF412D7696824955D633A2F9735D60555835FEF092CB172AEBB913105



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