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Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


Antidote is a rebalancing hack that attempts to give a viable use or value to as many aspects of FFT as possible while making few nerfs or flashy changes so you still feel like you’re playing the same FFT, just with more options available. Both for you, and your AI adversaries.

Antidote’s difficulty starts out about the same as the original game, but increases steadily as you progress. Most enemies have higher job levels with more abilities, secondary skillsets that they are proficient with, and/or slightly better equipment.

If the original release were to be thought of like a “Beginner” difficulty for new players, then this hack could be considered an “Intermediate” difficulty. Capable of keeping an experienced player on their toes, while still being beatable for those less skilled.

Antidote is built off of the Convenience version of my FFT: Prime hack ( and includes all the goodies like the improved WOTL translation with Sound Novels and Spell Quotes, dialog skipping, bugfixes, ability/job stats made identical to the original JP release, halved ability costs, and guaranteed rare items when using the Chemist’s Treasure Hunter ability.

This hack includes:


The gamebreakingly powerful Arithmetician Job has been turned into the Sage, a mid to late game Job that uses a rebalanced “Ja-Magicks” skillset made up of Zalera’s 6 -ja abilities and Ultima’s Dispelja. In return for contributing their unique abilities to the player’s use and having the MP costs and charge times increased, Zalera and Ultima both get innate Halve MP and Zalera gains the previously unused “CT 0″ ability, making all of his spells cast instantly.

Maximum Level has been reduced from 99 to 50 and Speed growths have been halved for all Jobs, including monsters, to address late game balance issues. Additionally, many Speed altering abilities and items are slightly less effective and Haste/Slow’s effect has been reduced from a 50% increase/decrease to 25%. Abilities with long charge times will still be usable at the end of the game.


Bravery/Faith changes are no longer permanent. Most abilities that alter Bravery/Faith are more effective to compensate, and the few Bravery alterations caused by choices made in dialog during the story are much larger.

Learn %, which affects both the AI’s chance to learn an ability and the odds of getting it from a crystal, has been doubled for all abilities. Most are at 100% now.

Abilities used by human units that absorb HP/MP or damage a percentage of the target’s HP (Invigoration/Gravity) are now Dark elemental. All Lucavi bosses now halve Dark damage.

Odds of stealing slightly improved for all but weapons. Thieves get 2 new abilities:

Steal Turn - Replaces Steal EXP - (SP+50)% chance to cancel an action while it is charging/being performed.

Flee - Move+3 when critically wounded.

Excluding Steel, Squire abilities that increase stats now add status effects instead: EX: Tailwind - SP+1 changed to Effect: Haste.

All Swordskills, like Shadowblade, have been given MP costs.

Sky/Nether Mantra abilities have their Vertical Ranges reduced from 3 to 0, making it easier to hit the spaces you want with them. MP costs added. Nether Mantras fixed to do max damage with Atheist and no damage with Faith.

Cloud’s Limit abilities gain +50% power, and do similar damage as the US PS1 release of the game.

All 8 Range weapons/abilities reduced to 6. (Guns, Shockwave, Horizontal Jump 8, etc.)

Archer’s Aim skillset has been rebalanced entirely and can actually be used now.

All monster skills get +10% accuracy if applicable.

AI fixes for several abilities, a few of them weren’t being used at all.

Vanish doesn’t work on performing characters, they’ll keep singing/dancing and won’t turn invisible.


Axes and Flails now use the same [(PA * Brave)/100] * WP formula that Katanas/Knight’s Swords do.

The random damage formula used only by Women’s Bags now has been changed to ([PA / 2] + {1…PA}) * WP from just {1…PA) * WP. Weapon Power has been reduced to compensate, max damage is the same but they do more damage on average.

Books’ Ranges increased from 3 to 4.

At least a 30% boost on HP for all heavy body armors.

Weapons with 20% Weapon Evasion or less get a 5% increase.

Earlier Cloaks/Shields have more Evasion.

Weapon Power on Knives, Katanas, Crossbows, endgame Longbows, and Shuriken increased, along with others (see readme for spoilers).

Genji equipment improved.

Random enemies equip some items that they didn’t used to, mainly accessories.

Hi-Potion/X-Potion healing reduced to 60/120 HP respectively.

Only 1 Excalibur is available to the player (from Midlight’s Deep). Aside from the Ragnarok war trophy from Hashmal, a Defender is the only Knight’s Sword given to the player for free.


All negative stat growths on Jobs have been set to neutral. Mime’s positive growths have been reduced to be in line with other Jobs. Using the Level Up/Down trick is nearly pointless now.

Folmarv/Loffrey/Cletienne and Orran - Gained innate Defense Boost/Arcane Defense

Zalbaag (Possessed) - Innate Defense Boost/Arcane Defense

Belias/Adremmelech - Gained Immunity to Silence

Ultima, High Seraph - Can be Immobilized, but not Disabled

Ultima, Arch Seraph - Removed Weakness to Holy element

All Squire classes can equip Shields, Helmets, Armor, Robes and Axes. Movement reduced from 4 to 3. The distinctions between Ramza’s Squire class and the others are mostly gone, he gets better stats, Knight’s Swords and a few extra abilities.

Chemists can equip Crossbows.

Wizard’s MA multiplier from 150 to 125, Summoner’s MA multiplier from 125 to 150. (Mage Jobs - ranked by new MA values: Summoner-Sage-Time-Black-Mystic-White, Summoner is slower than the rest and White Mage is slightly faster.)

Thief can equip Ninja Blades.

Orator can equip Crossbows, MP multiplier from 70 to 95, MA multiplier from 75 to 100.

Samurai gains innate Doublehand.

Sage - HP multiplier to 75, MP multiplier to 120, SP multiplier to 100, PA multiplier to 65, MA multiplier to 135, MP growth to 9 (High growth), all other growths are neutral.

Bard can equip Robes, HP multiplier from 55 to 80, MP multiplier from 50 to 100, PA multiplier from 30 to 65, Speed multiplier from 100 to 110, Movement from 3 to 4, Class Evade from 5 from 10

Dancer’s HP multiplier from 60 to 85, MP multiplier from 50 to 75, Speed multiplier from 100 to 110, Movement from 3 to 4, Class Evade from 5 to 20

All Lucavi gain new Reaction abilities.

Orlandu’s Sword Saint can’t equip Hats/Clothes

Mustadio’s Machinist can equip Crossbows


Job Level 1 has been set from 100 JP to 50 JP, reducing the amount of starting JP a unit has.

The Job system has been opened up and simplified into 3 tiers. Start with 7 Jobs and level up 1 Job to unlock the next (excluding Mime):

Job Level 4 - 700 JP - to unlock 2nd tier Job, Job Level 5 - 1100 JP - to unlock final tier Job

Lv.4 Squire - Lv.5 Knight - Samurai

Lv.4 Thief - Lv.5 Dragoon - Ninja

Lv.4 Archer - Lv.5 Monk - Geomancer

Lv.4 Chemist - Lv.5 Orator - Bard/Dancer

Lv.4 White Mage - Lv.5 Mystic - Sage

Lv.4 Black Mage - Lv.5 Time Mage - Summoner



All Jobs’ Reaction/Support/Movement abilities rearranged, many still remain with the same Job though. See readme for a list of R/S/M Ability Changes.

Chant - Added to Generic Squire/Algus/Orran skillsets.

Ramza gets Steel in chapter 1 and Tailwind in chapter 2 instead of the opposite.

Meliadoul gains Zalbaag’s 4 Blade of Ruin swordskills.

Beastmaster removed, monsters acquire their Beastmaster skills for normal use. See readme for a list of Monster Skill Changes.

JP Boost, Accrue JP, Move +3, Jump +3 removed.

Belias gains the unused Embrace ability (5 range instant Immobilize on 1 enemy).

Dycedarg can cast Ultima, giving Ramza one more opportunity to learn it.


10 lucky enemies get previously poachable-only items which can be stolen, see readme for spoilers.

Most special characters now have a set level based on story progression.

Guests have secondary skillsets that they may make some use of in battles.

A little more consistency with levels and abilities for units that leave and rejoin your party later on.

Gaffgarion will be a fully equipped Fell Knight at Zeirchele Falls no matter what changes you make to him before the battle.

To make the new Level cap work: no enemies will spawn over the Party’s average Level in random encounters, which can make some battles (like in Midlight’s Deep) easier. Anyone assigned a Level over 50 has been reduced. (Excluding Lucavi/Construct 7)

Monsters in Midlight’s Deep/Necrohol of Mullonde have their classes improved by 1 if not already the highest tier to offset the Level cap reduction. Human units in Midlight’s Deep are all improved similar to late chapter 4 enemies.

Most human bosses in mandatory encounters are improved with R/S/M abilities, stronger equipment, and/or secondary skillsets they can make use of.

Slightly higher variety in enemy jobs later in the game, for both random and mandatory battles.

Version 1.41 - Final

The minorist of minor updates - Samurai’s innate Doublehand ability is properly mentioned in the help text for the Job’s Requirements. No other issues reported or found by myself since 1.4, so this should be the final version.

Check the readme to see a more detailed list with additional changes.

Use the “Online ROM Patcher” under Submissions on the left to apply the .ppf patch to your game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCUS-94221



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
EmmyHackingASM hacking
FFMasterHackingASM hacking
RaijiniliHackingASM hacking
GlainHackingASM hacking
nates1984HackingASM Hacking
PokeytaxHackingASM Hacking
PrideHackingASM Hacking
RavenOfRazgrizHackingASM Hacking
XifanieHackingASM Hacking

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