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Super Mario RPG with modern naming conventions + corrected names

Hack of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


This patch makes the following changes to the text so that it’s consistent with modern naming conventions of the Mario series and restores a few minor references lost in translation/mistranslated names that slipped of Ted Woolsey’s sight.

This is NOT a retranslation, just the following names were changed and the rest of the script has been left as is. Read on for more info. Should be compatible with any other patches that only change the gameplay, graphics or sound. Made possible thanks to the very robust LazyShell editor.

List of changes:

    • Toadstool - Peach (Including the intro scene, which restores the graphics of her name from the original Japanese version)
    • Bloober - Blooper
    • Gobb - Cheep-Cheep
    • Magikoopa - Kamek
    • Yo’ster Isle - Yoshi’s Island
    • NokNok Shell - Koopa Shell
    • Heal Shell - Heel Shell
    • Terrapin - Koopa Trooper
    • Terra Cotta - Red Koopa Trooper
    • Spikey - Spiny
    • Reacher - Gravey
    • Neosquid - Mouth
    • Mad Adder - Mercury Link
    • Sparky - Lava Bubble
    • Chandeli-ho - Hangin’ Shy
    • Pure Water - Holy Water
    • Red Essence - Red Yoshi-Ade
    • Fire Orb - Fireball

Additionally you can also optionally change the following names back to their Japanese equivalents from their original Woolseyisms by using the corresponding patch:

    • Sky Troopa - Paratroopa
    • Malakoopa - Paratroopa Dash
    • Shy Away - Beezo
    • Vomer - Dry Bones Z
    • Boshi - Washi

All references in the script were changed (dialogue, battle, field, and the intro in Peach’s case). The enemy Toadstool 2 also was appropriately changed to Peach Clone, and Peach’s “???” was changed back to “XXX”.

Additionally this patch also:

    • Fixes an error in the original script were Ted Woolsey named the enemy known in Japanese as Mokurakurā as both Mokura and Mokuka (The name Mokura is used, given that it’s the name seen the most and is the closest to the original Japanese name).
    • Changes MARIO1(2/3/4) in the file selection screen to MARIO 1(2/3/4), because it looks much cleaner, and there’s no reason not to change that.
    • In the original Japanese version, Dr. T makes two direct name references to the main villains of Final Fantasy V (Exdeath) and Final Fantasy VI (Kefka) in his quiz answers. This patch also restores those missing references.


Why not? The purpose of this text patch is to modernize SMRPG’s naming conventions a little bit (including Peach’s name, of course) and correct a few minor inaccurate names that slipped of Ted Woolsey’s sight. No more, no less. Also no one has made a patch that changes just this yet so the author wanted to give it shot.

Why didn’t you change more stuff?

There’s certainly more stuff that can be done with SMRPG’s script, like a complete retranslation with all names retranslated, but that’s not the purpose of this patch. This patch is NOT a full retranslation. The author wanted to accomplish two simple things with this patch:

1. Make SMRPG names consistent with the rest of Mario series translations that followed it. If a name doesn’t make the game inconsistent with future installments, creates references lost in translation, or was utterly incorrect, it was kept as is. Modern English equivalents were used and in cases were such equivalent didn’t exist, the original Japanese names/equivalents were used.

No fan made names were used/created as that would go against my second goal.

2. I wanted to change only what was absolutely necessary and not go overboard. I wanted to preserve the creator’s vision and keep the script as untouched as possible so that the player can experience the game the exact same way, just modernized/consistent. Also I wanted this patch to look as authentic as possible, just like Nintendo would do if they cared about keeping straight stuff like this instead of just porting the exact same rom to their online services.

Check out the included readme file for more information regarding updates and certain name changes.

Special Thanks for hosting this patch and several other awesome patches.

LazyShell editor authors for having made such a complete and robust editor.

FuSoYa for the still great Lunar IPS patching utility.

Everyone who tried out this patch and gave suggestions.

Nintendo/Square Enix for having made this classic.

You, for trying out my patch :)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: A4F7539054C359FE3F360B0E6B72E394439FE9DF
  • File/ROM CRC32: 1B8A0625
  • Database match: Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (USA, Europe) (Virtual Console)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 54043D7322973F7268F0132C29357CE966FA7DE4
  • File/ROM CRC32: D695090D



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MateoScript Editing/Revision