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High-Quality Sound Mixing for Mother 3 (Japan Only)

Hack of Mother 3


  • These changes mix every individual channel at 16-bit audio before downsampling everything to 8-bit audio, as opposed to the default m4a mixer which mixes every channel at 8-bit audio (blame the GBA’s DAC!). The game’s original sample rate of 15.7kHz is preserved, although this patch is compatible with sample rates up to ~26.8kHz (going higher will overwrite memory and crash the game!).

    This hack greatly reduces the number of quantization/rounding errors that pop up during the mixing process, making the classic GBA “background hiss” much quieter while making Shogo Sakai’s music sound crispier than ever! Results seem even better when played back on actual hardware. Enjoy!!

    PLEASE NOTE: This hack IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the MOTHER 3 FAN TRANSLATION! The author of this hack is currently working on the necessary changes to the fan translation in order to get high-quality sound mixing working in tandem with the translated text.


    ROM / ISO Information:

    • Database match: Mother 3 (Japan)
    • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy Advance (v. 20210227-023848)
    • File/ROM SHA-1: 4F0F493E12C2A8C61B2D809AF03F7ABF87A85776
    • File/ROM CRC32: 42AC9CB9




    ContributorType of contributionListed credit
    ipatixHackingHQ sound mixer programming
    Kurausukun and theo3HackingDecompiling; technical support
    PhoenixBoundHackingTechnical support
    Yosuke UnboundHackingTechnical support

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