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Pokémon Yellow Advanced

Hack of Pokémon: Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition


This hack is an update of my previously version of this hack (Pokémon Yellow Advanced), done back in 2012. It is now final for real!

Here is the list of the majority of the changes:

  • Almost all Pokémon learns at least 1, 2 or 3 new moves at level 1! They are picked from their Egg moves list, or move tutor, up to Generation 7, even including Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.
  • Also, most Pokémon can learn new moves (from Gen 1, of course!) while they level-up as well. These moves have been taken from future generations (Even up to Gen 8!), egg moves or duplicates of the same great and essential moves that needed to be relearned (To avoid a Pokémon from being walled completely!). Each moveset have been carefully done, and in total, 553 new moves have been added among the 151 Pokémon (Except Ditto, Caterpie, Weedle and Magikarp, of course!)! Enjoy!
  • Geography has been enhanced! Routes are expanded a little, with some empty houses to make them habitable! (Just for decoration, you know)
  • Many important items have reduced prices (Mostly inspired by Pokémon Crystal’s clearance sales of Goldenrod City’s Dept-Store rooftop). The items include Poké Balls, potions, full Heal, revives, vitamins, etc. This will help you, especially in the beginning!
  • Some items, such as the Moon Stone, Ether and Elixer, now have a price, to match the legal price in later games.
  • All trainers, Gyms leaders, Rival battles and Elite 4 have changed significantly! They are all harder than before! Many have brand new Pokémon too! Some trainers even have up to 6 Pokémon on their team, so be prepared for some challenges! Also, movesets for Gyms and Elite Four have been carefully done and revised to give you a great challenge!
  • Your rival’s starter is a Dratini.
  • You can now buy all TMs at various Marts through Kanto. For example, you can buy TM19 and TM48 at Pewter City’s Mart.
  • TM04 is now Gust instead of Whirlwind (They are similar moves, right? Also, Whirlwind is completely useless in a trainer battle, so Gust is a slightly better option).
  • Some attacks have been readjusted to be like the future games (Like they should always have been in some cases!).

For example:

    • Karate Chop is a Fighting-type move.
    • Gust is a Flying-type move.
    • Sand-Attack is a Ground-type move.
    • Mega Drain has a power of 75 and Absorb has a Power of 40 (That’s the same as LGP/LGE)
    • Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick have power of 100 and 130 respectively (Like since Black/White!)
    • Dig and Fly has power of 80 and 90 respectively (Like since Diamond/Pearl!)
    • Other moves have been adjusted according to 7th Gen (Sun/Moon positives changes in power only).
    • You can get Mew via an In-game trade! (Cool!)
    • The Snorlax on Route 16 is level 35 (The other at Route 12 is level 40), Zapdos is level 45, Moltres is still level 50, Articuno is level 74 and Mewtwo is level 80.
    • Game corner prizes have changed: Meowth, Ekans and Koffing (Counter 1), Omanyte, Kabuto and Porygon (Counter 2), and PP UP, Moon Stone and Master Ball (Counter 3).
    • Wild Pokémon have changed significantly in every route, areas or caves, and even in the sea (See a joined Word Document for details). Also, each Pokémon is sure to appear in the wild in this game, but some are really very rare!
    • Many dialogs have changed or have been improved! You’ll mostly hear new dialogs about many things about friendship or life.
    • You can buy Rare Candies at Celadon Dept-Store (5F), which are sure to help you in the later part of the game. (Note you can still trade Pokémon by using TGB DUAL, and since traded Pokémon grow faster, it will sure help!)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Pokemon - Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition (USA, Europe) (CGB+SGB Enhanced)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20210227-015730)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: CC7D03262EBFAF2F06772C1A480C7D9D5F4A38E1
  • File/ROM CRC32: 7D527D62



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Great way to revisit YellowChickyrita25 Oct 20221.0Yes