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Pokémon Silver - All Glitches Fixed

Hack of Pokémon: Silver Version


This ROM hack removes every reported glitch from Pokemon [Gold / Silver]( and [Crystal](

Specifically, this hack fixes:

  • Using the Coin Case can cause arbitrary code execution
  • Entering the Hall of Fame without a save file can corrupt the PC boxes
  • The Lucky Number Show does not find winning ID numbers in inactive boxes 10-14
  • Present’s text overflows when it fails to heal an enemy Pokémon with a long name
  • You can fish in the water in Cerulean Gym
  • “Route 15″ is not capitalized in a signpost
  1. Multi-player battle engine
  • Perish Song and Spikes can leave a Pokémon with 0 HP and not faint
  • Thick Club and Light Ball can make (Special) Attack wrap around above 1024
  • Metal Powder can increase damage taken with boosted (Special) Defense
  • Reflect and Light Screen can make (Special) Defense wrap around above 1024
  • Moves with a 100% secondary effect chance will not trigger it in 1/256 uses
  • Belly Drum sharply boosts Attack even with under 50% HP
  • Berserk Gene’s confusion lasts for 256 turns or the previous Pokémon’s confusion count
  • Confusion damage is affected by type-boosting items and Explosion/Self-Destruct doubling
  • Moves that lower Defense can do so after breaking a Substitute
  • Counter and Mirror Coat still work if the opponent uses an item
  • A Disabled but PP Up–enhanced move may not trigger Struggle
  • A Pokémon that fainted from Pursuit will have its old status condition when revived
  • Lock-On and Mind Reader don’t always bypass Fly and Dig
  • Beat Up can desynchronize link battles
  • Beat Up works incorrectly with only one Pokémon in the party
  • Beat Up may fail to raise Substitute
  • Beat Up may trigger King’s Rock even if it failed
  • Present damage is incorrect in link battles
  • Return and Frustration deal no damage when the user’s happiness is low or high, respectively
  • Dragon Scale, not Dragon Fang, boosts Dragon-type moves
  • Switching out or switching against a Pokémon with max HP below 4 freezes the game
  • Moves that do damage and increase your stats do not increase stats after a KO
  • HP bar animation is slow for high HP
  • HP bar animation off-by-one error for low HP

Single-player battle engine

  • A Transformed Pokémon can use Sketch and learn otherwise unobtainable moves
  • Catching a Transformed Pokémon always catches a Ditto
  • Experience underflow for level 1 Pokémon with Medium-Slow growth rate
  • The Dude’s catching tutorial may crash if his Poké Ball can’t be used
  • BRN/PSN/PAR do not affect catch rate
  • Moon Ball does not boost catch rate
  • Love Ball boosts catch rate for the wrong gender
  • Fast Ball only boosts catch rate for three Pokémon
  • Heavy Ball uses wrong weight value for three Pokémon
  • Glacier Badge may not boost Special Defense depending on the value of Special Attack
  • “Smart” AI encourages Mean Look if its own Pokémon is badly poisoned
  • “Smart” AI discourages Conversion2 after the first turn
  • “Smart” AI does not encourage Solar Beam, Flame Wheel, or Moonlight during Sunny Day
  • AI does not discourage Future Sight when it’s already been used
  • AI makes a false assumption about `CheckTypeMatchup`
  • AI use of Full Heal or Full Restore does not cure Nightmare status
  • AI use of Full Heal does not cure confusion status
  • Wild Pokémon can always Teleport regardless of level difference
  • `RIVAL2` has lower DVs than `RIVAL1`
  • `HELD_CATCH_CHANCE` has no effect - Credits sequence changes move selection menu behavior

Game engine

  • `LoadMetatiles` wraps around past 128 blocks
  • Surfing directly across a map connection does not load the new map
  • Swimming NPCs aren’t limited by their movement radius
  • Pokémon deposited in the Day-Care might lose experience


  • In-battle “`…`” ellipsis is too high
  • Two tiles in the `port` tileset are drawn incorrectly
  • The Ruins of Alph research center’s roof color at night looks wrong
  • A hatching Unown egg would not show the right letter
  • Using a Park Ball in non-Contest battles has a corrupt animation
  • Battle transitions fail to account for the enemy’s level
  • Some trainer NPCs have inconsistent overworld sprites


  • Slot machine payout sound effects cut each other off
  • Team Rocket battle music is not used for Executives or Scientists
  • No bump noise if standing on tile `$3E`
  • Playing Entei’s Pokédex cry can distort Raikou’s and Suicune’s


  • Five-digit experience gain is printed incorrectly
  • Only the first three evolution entries can have Stone compatibility reported correctly
  • `EVOLVE_STAT` can break Stone compatibility reporting
  • A “HOF Master!” title for 200-Time Famers is defined but inaccessible

Scripted events

  • Daisy’s grooming doesn’t always increase happiness
  • Magikarp in Lake of Rage are shorter, not longer
  • Magikarp length limits have a unit conversion error
  • Magikarp lengths can be miscalculated
  • `CheckOwnMon` only checks the first five letters of OT names
  • `CheckOwnMonAnywhere` does not check the Day-Care
  • The unused `phonecall` script command may crash

Internal engine routines

  • `ScriptCall` can overflow `wScriptStack` and crash
  • `LoadSpriteGFX` does not limit the capacity of `UsedSprites`
  • `ChooseWildEncounter` doesn’t really validate the wild Pokémon species
  • `TryObjectEvent` arbitrary code execution
  • `ReadObjectEvents` overflows into `wObjectMasks`
  • `BattleAnimCmd_ClearObjs` only clears the first 6⅔ objects

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Pokemon - Silver Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20210227-015730)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 49B163F7E57702BC939D642A18F591DE55D92DAE
  • File/ROM CRC32: 8AD48636



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
pretOriginal WorkDisassembling Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal and documenting bugs
splchHackingBuilding ASM

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