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Willow fixed tuning

Hack of Willow


For whatever reason, whoever wrote the replayer for Willow didn’t know that the NES’s sound unit adds one to the period provided to the APU. So high notes are conspicuously flat. This is particularly painful in the high notes played by the triangle in the first town.

The included patches fix the Japanese, North American, and European releases to compensate for this +1 in the period.

Additionally, these notes played by the NES triangle channel are around the upper bound of what the APU can achieve while still generating in-tune notes.

Separate patches additionally are included to retune the NTSC release to A437, and the PAL release to A430, to maximize the number of in-tune notes at the top of the triangle’s range.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • European release-
  • File CRC32: b4811fc8
  • File SHA1: a1e1d475f48892338f288cddbbaa496e08ec6a4f
  • Japanese release-
  • File CRC32: 189462c2
  • File SHA1: f56dd202f39362cef0cd6949578134f041e7c0e7
  • North American release-
  • File CRC32: 7d8d5f51
  • File SHA1: 5022153b286e6bce7b330b97d3822450d8c82af5



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Unexpected and ear-conforting...Pethronos22 Apr 20221.0Yes