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Shadowrun mouse support

Hack of Shadowrun


Adds support for the SNES mouse to Shadowrun for SNES.

Plug the mouse into the second port. Use a controller in the first port.

The controller still works as normal, but you only need to use the left half of it to play the game. The mouse can do the rest.

The 2 buttons of the mouse are the same as your main A and B buttons. Click to bring up the hand, and you can move it around with the mouse control.

Hold L on the controller for alternate mouse button functions (e.g. raising the status screen, or casting a spell).

See readme for more details.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Shadowrun (USA).sfc
  • CRC: 3F34DFF0
  • MD5: 694BE8DF403EE59225C4B6B53C30FB7B
  • SHA1: B04AFB21C94DAB5C8B982D0C133898DD5EC1D104
  • Shadowrun (Europe).sfc
  • CRC: 2AF15F10
  • MD5: 5C0746237ABEACFA10088BE8CD724257
  • SHA1: 154557C548ED0D1F5ABF271470193A1F9D8F9CE3
  • Shadowrun (Germany).sfc
  • CRC: E420E96F
  • MD5: C3DAC1984C06EEE0F9889667F83DC869
  • SHA1: 3118192DD257C0666067BFB6797769F26BDF4489
  • Shadowrun (Sweden).sfc
  • CRC: 30829D8E
  • MD5: CD22A7FF4908575F2FE5BD9F1E34FFC8
  • SHA1: 830464152553FAADA700BB93D4BB6B8975F79E0A
  • Shadowrun (Japan).sfc
  • CRC: EFD4D741
  • MD5: 88BB1AA84CAE4A4D4154689D72777A86
  • SHA1: 498C94DA28D4A6E9023A40F81E9CED0B525E5862



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