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Super Retro Kart

Hack of Super Mario Kart


Take a spectacular blast to the past and join Retro HD and his retro pals in Retro Land as they star in the amazing SMK Hack that is Super Retro Kart, yes Retro HD now has his own game where he stars as one of the main characters so now it’s Retro’s time to shine. Join the Retro gang as they race through 16 new and 4 original retro themed tracks and try to take home the gold.

go back in time and take a trip down memory lane and race through all of the really wonderful and exciting race tracks and win the grand prize and become a Super Retro Kart Expert.

These tracks have been edited and designed to give them a retro feel when racing through them.

This SMK Hack features 8 new characters:

Retro HD Chun Li Ronald McDonald Ness Delilah Bowser Jr Red Toad Green Toad

Many thanks and credit to all who have made this whole hack possible, took an awful load of work and concentration but soon was able to get there in the end.

This SMK Hack also comes with a SNES game cover as well.

Hope you all really enjoy this SMK Rom Hack and please do feel as free as possible to leave a review on what you all think of it.

Good Luck, Have Fun and Drive Fast.

V1.2 02-04-2022

Made some updates to the Hack and polished it up to make it look a lot more decent, Made some updates to some of the tracks to make them a bit more easier and fair, also polished both Retro and Ness to make them look a lot more better as well.

V1.3 28-04-2022

Edited Retro HD and made him look way more better and edited ness’s colour palette as well and made him look way more better also. Special thanks to Ice3/Icesan for the help and tutorials.

V1.4 22-05-2022

Polished up Retro HD to make him look more neater and more tidier.

V1.5 27-05-2022

Had to edit and polish up Ronald’s driving sprite and podium sprite as he had the wrong colour and the wrong pixel for certain areas.

V1.6 03-06-2022

Had to Edit Ronald as he had the wrong colour in certain places.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario Kart (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 47E103D8398CF5B7CBB42B95DF3A3C270691163B
  • File/ROM CRC32: CD80DB86




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Retro Master HDGraphicsCreator of backgrounds, track colours, Retro HD, Green Toad and Red Toad
DirtbagMusicCreator of Tetris B theme tune and Easton Kingdom theme tune
TioHector78DesignCreator of tracks
The Real Phoenix & Ten ShuDesignCreators of Chun Li and Akuma Thwomps
IcesanDesignCreator of Phosphor Sprite

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