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Super Mario Kart Featuring Retro HD & CDX

Hack of Super Mario Kart


Well it looks like Retro and Mario are both back at it again and it appears that Retro will be having some new friends join him in an epic race for victory. It looks like both Mario and Retro really mean business now.

Join Retro HD and his 3 new friends CDX, Iara and Luke as they will have the chance to race with Retro on the same tracks which have now been edited to suit and honour our 4 new racers.

The Rainbow Road theme tune has now been changed to the Vanilla Lake theme tune, the colours of the tracks and background have also been changed and edited as well.

Original and new characters for this Hack:

  • Bowser Jr
  • Yoshi
  • Fire Mario
  • Fire Luigi
  • Iara
  • Luke
  • CDX
  • Retro HD

Very special thanks to all who gave big help and made this entire thing possible.

Hope you all like this wonderful version of the Hack as well, be sure to leave a review on what you all think.

V1.2 15/04/2022 Changed the title screen and made it look a lot more better and finally was able to change the colour palette for Retro HD (Special thanks to Ice3/Icesan for the help). Also even edited both Iara and Luke a little as well.

V1.3 04/05/2022 Edited Retro HD slightly to make him look more better, replaced the 4 original tracks with the 4 new tracks from Super Hitcombo Kart to represent the new characters.

V1.4 24/05/2022 Polished up Retro HD a bit and made him look more neater and more tidier by correcting a few of his sprites.

V1.5 21/06/2022 Edited a few miss placed tiles on a few tracks that ended up being spotted whilst editing the Hack, also edited Retro HD’s sprite animation so he won’t have Donkey Kong Jr’s pose animation when you select him on the character select screen, his podium animation was also edited as was his jump animation at the end of the credits as well so he now has Harold’s Jump animation from Super Parigo Kart 1 and 2.

V1.6 24/06/2022 Changed the colour of grass on the character select screen so it matches the colour of the track.

V1.7 13/07/2022 Edited Phosphor’s colour palette and made her look more better, also changed up 3 of the battle courses as well so they have the same look as the original battle course and the tracks in game as well. Touched up a few tracks and also replaced both Witch and Splash Woman with Lady Liberty on the podium screen as she suited it a lot more better than both Witch and Splash Woman did when they would both appear to drop the trophy on top of the player.

V1.8 24/07/2022 Touched up the battle courses and moved a few item boxes and put them in other areas.

V1.9 09/08/2022 Edited the grey sand on the podium screen as a certain part that was missed still had the original colour as the original SMK game.

V10 19/11/2022 Changed the colour of the title screen and the results screen as well, also had to re-do Retro HD just like in Super Retro Kart and Super Mario Kart Ft. Retro HD & Friends for the exact same reason because his other sprite felt pretty ugly. Also edited Retro in the title screen as well to make him look a bit more decent.

V.11 20/01/2023 Made some big adjustments, took out the demo in the title screen and was able to change the year (Special thanks to Icesan/Ice3 for the help on that part), Polished up Retro’s map sprite to make it look less ugly, edited the AI elements and the index numbers so that it doesn’t interfere with the position indicator and the AI’s as well and what place they come. Also edited the text font for the presentation logo and for the year and the authors name in the title screen as well.

V11.2 21/03/2023 Edited the credits so that when the first screen appears it says A Hack By Retro Master HD.

V12 23/04/2023 Removed the black bar from the top of the background screen (Special thanks to Darthmarino for the helpful tip). Made a big edit to Retro’s kart to make it look more decent and better.

V12.3 27/07/2023 Just like in SMK Ft. Retro HD & Friends edited Phosphor and polished up a few tracks along with some other things as well.

V12.5 25/08/2023 Edited and fixed up the title screen and made the SMK Ft. Retro HD & CDX logo look more decent and less out of place.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario Kart (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 47E103D8398CF5B7CBB42B95DF3A3C270691163B
  • File/ROM CRC32: CD80DB86



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
LukeNovaesGraphicsCreator of Iara, Luke, CDX and SHK tracks
CDXGraphicsCreator of the track colours, background colours and SHK tracks
Retro Master HDGraphicsCreator of Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, Retro HD and tracks
IcesanGraphicsCreator of Phosphor sprite

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