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Luigi's Mansion: First-Person Optimized

Hack of Luigi's Mansion


A simple modification aimed to optimize the game-play of Luigi’s Mansion to accommodate a first-person perspective, made possible using an Action Replay code by Laser Crusader. This novelty hack makes the game fully playable through the eyes of Luigi, transforming the GameCube classic into an unusual sort of FPS; one focused on hunting ghosts in a spooky mansion, presented as a lighthearted adventure with some eerie undertones.

Besides the adjustments made for first-person, this hack also contains the following changes:

  • You can now freely explore the Lab and walk to the adjacent rooms (besides the one with the Portrificationizer).
  • You can now climb the ladder in the Lab to get up to the mansion, and also return to the Lab through the mansion’s front doors as necessary.
  • There is some new dialogue to E. Gadd’s training tips in order to teach players the best way to play in first-person.
  • The overall difficulty has been made a bit higher, due to increased enemy damage by 5 hit points (10 in the Hidden Mansion), as well as slightly altered enemy stats to help balance the ‘tug-of-war’ with each ghost in first-person.
  • The Hidden Mansion is now less forgiving, since heart drops will no longer spawn from furniture. Instead, you might find something else…
  • Your HP will no longer refill after clearing an area. (This is simply to make a ‘no-hearts’ run possible to attempt for hardcore players.)

Instructions and utilities to patch to the game are included in the download, as well as a few alternative patches you can use:

  • Inverted C-Stick Controls
  • Better FOV [Experimental]
  • Better FOV + Inverted C-Stick

In addition, a handy cheat code + GCT file is provided, which allows you to toggle the flashlight on/off by simply pressing the B Button, instead of having to hold it down to keep the light off.

There are still some kinks to iron out before this hack is considered ‘done’, but hopefully you’ll enjoy what it currently has to offer! :)

QUICK NOTE BEFORE PLAYING: Please make sure to use the Sidestep control scheme, either by selecting it on the pause screen or in the options menu. If you don’t, controlling Luigi will be much more difficult and unpleasant. Also, to help reduce possible motion sickness, try not to wiggle the left stick too much while catching ghosts. For the most part, just keep a steady pull backwards to drain their HP.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Luigi's Mansion (USA).iso
  • CRC: B0C339D
  • MD5: 6E3D9AE0ED2FBD2F77FA1CA09A60C494
  • SHA1: 96A7D2E6B6E0A355F6E57EF76BD37F6EE837ED25



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image



ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Laser CrusaderOriginal HackingCreated the first-person Action Replay code for Luigi's Mansion (USA).
LMFinishHackingProvided some custom ASM code to fix one or two issues.
0wenOriginal HackingCreated some Action Replay codes to disable certain event sequences that were problematic to this ha
Ralf@gc-foreverOriginal HackingHas a multitude of Action Replay codes, two of which were used for this hack.

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