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Luigi's Mansion: First-Person Optimized

Hack of Luigi's Mansion



A fairly basic modification (in concept) aimed to optimize almost everything in the game to accommodate a first-person perspective, made possible using an Action Replay code by Laser Crusader.

In other words, this hack makes Luigi’s Mansion completely playable from the direct viewpoint of the titular green plumber, transforming the experience into something almost like an FPS; featuring frequent, personal encounters with spirits of the dead and constant, hair-raising battles with ghostly underlings, who seek your death with playful malice in their smiles.

Trailer can be found here:

Now at v1.1.2, this hack also features:

  • Full console-compatibility, first and foremost.
  • The ability to not only explore the Lab, but also walk to the adjacent rooms and go up to the mansion, and back. (Portrificationizer Room is off-limits, however.)
  • Added dialogue to E. Gadd’s tips during training, so he’s more helpful as a coach to new players.
  • Higher overall difficulty, due to increased attack damage by 5 hit points (10 in the Hidden Mansion), as well as edited enemy stats so it’s slightly more tricky to reel ghosts in.
  • A more unforgiving Hidden Mansion, with the removal of all heart drops from furniture.
  • No automatic HP refill after clearing an area. (This means that a ‘no-hearts’ run can be attempted, if desired.)

Still couldn’t include a free-roam mode, as it proved to be a little too hard to get working completely. But it’s not really necessary, anyway.

Instructions and utilities to patch this to the game are included, as well as a few optional patches you can use. [NOTE: Unlike with v1.0, these optional patches don't apply ON TOP of the base FPO patch anymore, but work directly on the original ISO, streamlining the process. No more double patching!]

Here’s what they are:

  • Inverted C-Stick Controls (The default Y-Axis is: Up=Down & Down=Up. This patch inverts that so it’s: Up=Up & Down=Down.)
  • Better FOV [Experimental] (Increases the field-of-view slightly so that you can see farther to the sides of your vision. However, mirror reflections get messed up pretty badly with this, so only use this if you’re okay with that.)
  • Better FOV + Inverted C-Stick (The above two patches combined.)

Also included is a handy cheat code + GCT file that allows you to toggle the flashlight on/off by just pressing the B Button, instead of having it on by default and needing to hold down the button to turn it off. (This feature would’ve been made an optional patch, too, but the code can’t be injected into the game as it is. So this cheat solution will have to do, for now…)

Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy playing through this meticulous passion project. (With a side of jank; this hack’s not perfect!) :)

It’s recommended you start a new save file for this to see all the changes. Also, PLEASE use the Sidestep control style, as the Standard style makes controlling Luigi incredibly more nauseating and difficult.

Finally, on that note, if you want to reduce possible motion sickness, try not to wiggle the stick left and right too much while catching ghosts. For the most part, just pull back. :)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Luigi's Mansion (USA).iso
  • CRC: B0C339D
  • MD5: 6E3D9AE0ED2FBD2F77FA1CA09A60C494
  • SHA1: 96A7D2E6B6E0A355F6E57EF76BD37F6EE837ED25




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Laser CrusaderOriginal HackingCreated the first-person Action Replay code for Luigi's Mansion (USA).
LMFinishHackingProvided some custom ASM code to fix one or two issues.
0wenOriginal HackingCreated some Action Replay codes to disable certain event sequences that were problematic to this ha
Ralf@gc-foreverOriginal HackingHas a multitude of Action Replay codes, two of which were used for this hack.

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