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Nina Revises Her Spellbook

Hack of Breath of Fire II


Nina will now learn Bomb/Simoon at LV 11, Fireball/Inferno at LV 29, and Missile/Sirocco at LV 33. Note that these were levels at which she learned nothing in the unaltered game. Her other spell acquisitions remain the same as they always have.

Compatible with the retranslation by Ryusui and d4s, but requires an initialized SRM (Contained in the project archive) to bypass the retranslation patch’s checksum verification. See readme for details.


  • Fixed bug wherein all dialogue choice prompts were broken. (The new spell data was placed slightly out of range, resulting in the bug.)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Breath of Fire (U) [!].sfc
  • Unheadered
  • SHA1 - 1F7707E606B7E9FA8FB3908BBDDFCB5DEA93D776
  • MD5 - E1FF1ED4AD5DBDBE86774920DFB5E9D4
  • CRC32 - 67CDACC5
  • Breath of Fire II - The Fated Child (T-Eng v1.2b).sfc
  • Unheadered
  • SHA1 - 86CF3C2D850B066F099E217F9AD39813B45E9DE2
  • MD5 - 299E96968ACCB96B9E0D9A4154E220A5
  • CRC32 - 1320298E



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