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Breath of Fire II - Nina's Sensible Spells

Hack of Breath of Fire II


For some reason, Nina skips over Bomb (Simoon), Fireball (Inferno), and Missile (Sirocco) until late level 50’s, after she’s learned the rest of her repertoire–including the superior Bolt X (Valhalla). This reorders what levels she learns these spells, resulting in a more sensible acquisition.

  • LV 11 - Bomb / Simoon
  • LV 29 - Fireball / Inferno
  • LV 33 - Missile / Sirocco

No other spell rates have been changed. Compatible with the retranslation (See readme for more info).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Breath of Fire (U) [!].sfc
  • Unheadered
  • SHA1 - 1F7707E606B7E9FA8FB3908BBDDFCB5DEA93D776
  • MD5 - E1FF1ED4AD5DBDBE86774920DFB5E9D4
  • CRC32 - 67CDACC5
  • Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child (T-Eng v1.2b).sfc
  • Unheadered
  • SHA1 - 86CF3C2D850B066F099E217F9AD39813B45E9DE2
  • MD5 - 299E96968ACCB96B9E0D9A4154E220A5
  • CRC32 - 1320298E




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