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Glover July 16, 1998 Prototype Corrective Patch

Hack of Glover


This patch corrects periodic and predictable corruption errors in the July 16, 1998 prototype of Glover. It will now run on console under its original checksum and without halting the SP. The superfluous 48MB of overdump containing no data has also been removed.

There is NO replacement for a good dump. As many errors as could be detected have been corrected, but it is possible some remain.

Apply the xdelta patch using a current version of the xdelta patcher from the predictably named The patch will only apply to a ROM in native (big-endian) byteorder. Use the ROM labelled “original dump”. The “valid checksum” version will not work.

This is part of a series of corrective patches for prototypes exhibiting what’s known as “address corruption” while dumping. In short, when the values being read from the cart meet certain conditions, those values will be replaced with others at a mask of the current address. Both the data and its source are predictable, unlike more common signal noise errors. This is NOT a criticism of any particular method or person. These patches are only a stopgap to raise awareness that an issue exists, can be detected, and therefore prevented.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • *Common Names
  • Glover (Jul 16, 1998 prototype)
  • Glover (PROTOTYPE) [Original Dump]
  • *MD5
  • 43C3375BBD6496B6C51D08EC193BC8ED
  • *SHA512
  • 98F2C351469C2768FBD1068C3DC65AAE7166DF912EA11C2819E577F5DB771AB2AECCAD36A5FC80002BAF6751E7C57B04C5628EA20A2147D47A17AE95603D1B4D



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