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Mega Man X5 Improvement Project Addendum

Hack of Mega Man X5


(This entry is referential. Files are in the download link below)


Improvement project for Mega Man X5. It started as a relocalization addendum for the original Mega Man X5 Improvement Project by DarkSamus993 (v0.01.1). It evolved into a set of new features of a scale similar to that of Mega Man X6 Tweaks. Similarly, the project includes a complete documentation of the changes, as well as customization options (in this case, as hex editing instructions)

Features from the original Improvement Project (v0.01.1):

  • Alia’s hints are permanently disabled (replaced by in-game option in Addendum)
  • Keep both character bonuses regardless of which one is chosen
  • Each Heart Tank/Life-Up Part affect both X & Zero
  • Save/Load menu was given a redesign
  • Fixed the injured sprites for X & Zero

Addendum Features:


  • Title Screen restored from the Japanese version (custom graphics by Metalwario64)
  • Mavericks renamed to their Japanese/MMXLC2 names (custom graphics by Metalwario64, based on MMXLC2 new graphics, ripped by DarkSamus993)


  • Main version: Complete script replacement, based on Hondoori’s translation. Edited by Ghaleonh41
  • “No Retranslation” version: the original USA version’s script and font, except for various typos corrected, and Mavericks renamed to their Japanese/MMXLC2 names.


  • Opening theme replaced with the Japanese opening song “Monkey”
  • Ending theme replaced with the Japanese ending song “Mizu no Naka”
  • Tidal Whale’s stage theme changed to the unused track “Deep Sea” (can be switched in-game by holding L1 before the stage starts)
  • X’s “Good” Ending theme changed to the unused track “Armageddon”
  • Dr. Light’s capsule theme changed to the unused “Dr. Light” track (original theme still used in specific places)
  • Stage Select 2 theme changed to the unused “Stage Select” track.

Voice clips restoration:

  • X, Zero and Dynamo voice clips cut from western version
  • Maverick introduction name calls

Parts Unlocking: (No need to waste “hours”. All available in a single playthrough.)

  • Get Life Up/Energy Up at any level
  • Get Life Up+/Energy Up+ (Parts) at any level
  • Get both Parts regardless of Life Up+/Energy Up+ selection.

Enigma/Shuttle RNG exceptions:

  • Enigma/Shuttle launch with no parts will always fail.
  • Shuttle launch with all 4 parts will always succeed.

Stage modifications:

  • Tidal Whale’s Stage: Auto-scrolling segments run faster (100-125% horizontally, 150% horizontally).
  • Tidal Whale’s Stage: U-5555 (mini boss): smaller health bar (75%), but deals more damage (about 150% each attack).
  • Dark Necrobat’s Stage: slowdown gimmick removed.
  • Zero Space 1: the inner walls in the laser segments are now not grabbable.

More options to explore areas:

  • More weapons can break stage objects blocking items in Tidal Whale’s, Shining Firely’s and Dark Necrobat’s stages.
  • Dark Hold protects you from spikes.
  • F-Splasher and can push V-Blocks.
  • More forgiving orb collecting in the Ride Chaser segment (you only need 7 out of 8)

Incomplete Armors:

  • Armors can now be selected as soon as you get a part for it. While incomplete, they’ll be displayed as unarmored X with a custom palette (see details in project thread)


  • Dark Hold: can be cancelled.
  • F-Splasher behaves like a regular air dash (can be cancelled)
  • W-Shredder: input changed to Dash + Special
  • Disabled double tap dash input
  • Falcon Armor: gets a custom air dash with the same properties as the “free move” flight.
  • Gaea Armor: can slide down walls by pressing down. Dash speed penalty removed.


  • Gaea Armor: buster damage against common enemies increased.
  • Z-Saber: damage against main bosses decreased.
  • Z-Buster: startup delay slightly reduced.
  • Longer/harder “X vs. Zero” fight (damage tables reduced)

Misc. polish:

  • Getting the Ultimate Armor through the capsule in Zero Stage 3 will now activate the armor immediately (instead of simply unlocking it for future use)
  • Gaea Armor’s teleport sound effects are now the same as the other armors (instead of using Zero’s)
  • The position of the dash burst sprite when using F-Splasher has been corrected.


  • Alia’s hints can be turned off from the options menu
  • Cutscenes and dialogues skip by pressing START
  • Cheat Code to unlock Ultimate Armor will keep the Fourth Armor selectable
  • Cheat Codes to unlock Ultimate Armor and Black Zero can be combined
  • Faster pause menu transitions
  • Exit Button always available, can be used to skip intro stage.

Additional hacks available in the “readme” as hex editing instructions:

  • Remove Timer
  • Hide Virus Status UI
  • Always get both Life Up and Energy Up upgrades
  • Receive All Parts on the Next Hour
  • Enable Item Drops in Xtreme Mode
  • Change default game options
  • Change number of Parts equipables by armor
  • Enable Fourth Armor Nova Strike
  • Continues restart the stage (experimental)
  • Enable Title Screen voice clip (”Rockman X5″)

There’s also instructions to reverse some of the changes included in the patch.

Recent updates (v2.1.x):


  • (Bugfix) The low health voice clip playing every time you got hit after the first trigger (v2.1.2 bug)
  • (Music) The original Dr. Light theme has been restored for X’s ending cutscenes. Now both versions of the theme have their place in a regular playthrough.


  • (Music) The original Tidal Whale’s stage track and Dr. Light tracks have been restored to their original length.
  • (Music) Holding L1 before Tidal Whale’s stage starts will switch the track for the rest of the playthrough. Do it again to revert it back.


  • (Bugfix) Fixed the Enigma shot freeze (v2.1 bug)
  • Reverted Fourth Armor buster remnants behavior back to original (full rebalancing will be revised in future updates)


  • Major rewrites, making room for more custom code.
  • (Media) The disc now includes all media files previously replaced from disc.
  • Opening: Holding “L1″ before the opening starts will play the variant video (the original USA version)
  • Tidal Whale’s stage: Holding “L1″ before entering the stage will play the variant track (the original “Bubble Crab Remix” track)
  • Dr. Light capsules: the Ultimate Armor capsule will play the variant track (the original “Mega Man X1 Remix” track)
  • You can now make individual changes, such as swapping the main tracks for the variants, through hex editing instructions.
  • Because of this, the “no music changes” and “all music changes except opening” variant patches have been discontinued.
  • (Sound effects) Gaea Armor’s teleport sound effects are now the same as the other armors (instead of using Zero’s)
  • (Unlockables) Getting the Ultimate Armor through the capsule in Zero Stage 3 will now activate the armor immediately (instead of simply unlocking it for future use)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man X5 (USA)
  • Serial Number: SLUS-01334
  • MD5: 98c0d278dc4a795a0a7562d950d37cc9



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
acediezHackingAuthor of Addendum. Primary hacking and ASM work
DarkSamus993HackingAuthor of original Improvement Project. Disc files documentation. Maverick names graphics ripped fro
Metalwario64GraphicsAll custom graphics.
Ghaleonh41Script Editing/RevisionScript editing.