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Mega Man X4 Undub

Hack of Mega Man X4


(This entry is referential. Files are in the download link below)


What’s been changed:

  • Restored opening and ending Japanese themes.
  • Subtitled story videos with Japanese audio
  • Replaced all character voice clips with the Japanese counterparts, while also restoring some that were cut off from the western version.
  • Retranslated script, with a new font and variable font width.

Kept from English version:

  • Menu voice clips (title screen, Maverick names, special weapon names)


  • Corrected a localization error in Magma Dragoon’s introduction (”Irregular” - “Maverick”)
  • Touched up colors of the loading screen logo (stray red pixels)

Additional hacks available in the “readme” as hex editing instructions:

  • Exit Stage Button Always Available (8 Main Stages)
  • Disable Double Tap Dash Input
  • Change Default Button Configuration

Patch variants:

  • UNDUB: The original version of the project. Doesn’t include any changes to script or font. Video subtitles based on Hondoori’s translation.
  • UNDUB + RETRANSLATION: Includes the script from NectarHime’s relocalization of the PC version (Final Weapon project). Includes additional tweaks to font and text spacing (variable font width).


ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man X4 (USA)
  • MD5: 1c425b49bb25c45b3964b2d565dd0ec0



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
acediezHackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
DarkSamus993HackingGame documentation and voice clip ASM hacks.
NectarHimeScript Editing/RevisionScript editor. Author of the PC version's Final Weapon relocalization project.

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