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Super Mario RPG Revolution

Hack of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


This is a ROM hack of Super Mario RPG that shows off what you can do with the statistical and gameplay (battle system-wise) aspects of the game mostly, but also shows what you can do in terms of attack animations and other things as well.

V5.0 - ABSOLUTE Release. Fixes ALL bugs that existed in previous versions, including the bugs where the battle message doesn’t pop up for specials after Level 30. They will NEVER pop up now. Fixed the Lamb’s Lure not working properly and not allowing you to obtain a certain later item. Thunderbolt (Mg. Power 32 vs. 24), Geno Beam (Mg. Power 48 vs. 40) and Geno Flash/Geno Flare (Mg. Power 90 vs. 85) have seen a significant Mg. Power increase. Spire and Sleepy Time has seen Mg. power decreases but are ALSO the only other specials blessed with the Jump Counter bump still. Geno Whirl now costs 8 FP and Terrorize now does damage again. All enemies, bosses, characters, weapons equipment, jump counters (Yes, the one that’s attached to Jump), timing, items, specials, and level ups are now completely balanced. Save Point in Bowser’s Castle moved back out of Croco’s Room and placed before Kamek to fix a glitchy bug that occurs in the Factory section of the Gate area. All messages have been proofread and edited. “Bob” the Shy Ranger now has a more appropriate name. Slight dialogue change, talk to the guy behind the house to the left of the castle in Mushroom Kingdom at the beginning! Triplets’ Shop sells more useful selection of items and also sells a very much improved “Mushroom”. Bad Mushroom can mute OR Poison enemies. A few bosses have been tweaked and/or improved to be more balanced and/or difficult. Culex will still kill you at any Level if you’re not careful. ALL FUTURE RELEASES WILL BE FOR THE SAKE OF BUG FIXING!

V4.0 - FINAL Release. Nearly Complete overhaul of the hack. Names of enemies, attacks and spells edited to be more fitting to the Japanese version of the game and to make more sense out of the attack. The pricing of Sleepy Bomb is fixed. Mallow given Thunderbolt as his first special again. All enemies and bosses are balanced as best as possible. Some enemies and bosses have seen improvements to their scripts to make sure that the game is fair but giving off a challenging vibe. New equipment and items have been made, while some items have been changed to be made more useful. Most other equipment has been tweaked to maintain that balance. EXP and monetary gains have been tweaked to be generally more rewarding but to establish a flow with the game. Characters and characters’ stats have been tweaked to bring a greater balance between the party members. Bosses have all been tested to ensure that no bugs or oddities exist any more. The bug with the Specials menu where characters would learn a special at Level 51 has been fixed. Smithy, Jinx, and Culex have been tweaked. Some enemy spells have been made weaker for balancing issues. Save point before Kamek/Magikoopa has been moved into the room with Croco’s 2nd shop to prevent problems of possibly “getting stuck” due to Kamek/Magikoopa’s increased difficulty. Two of the three Musty Fears’ flags have been moved.

V3.0 - Pending FINAL release. Fixed the bugs with Shy Rangers, Axem Rangers and Helios. Fixed a few goofy battle formations. Bugs with Defender, Exor that were found were also fixed. Battle Scripts have been looked over and improved if needed. Enemies and bosses received one last thorough balancing, so that the difficulty curve is better maintained. Bowser’s Terrorize special no longer does damage. Peach’s Sleepy Time special now does damage (Mg. Power of 50). Peach’s Mute Special now will never miss. Timing for Geno Whirl has been lowered from 8 frames to 5 now. Prices at the Frog Disciple’s Shop has been lowered. Various accessories and equipment improved. Fixed a mistake with Yoshi Candy. Fixed Falcon Helm and Red Cap not protecting characters from certains status effects. Increased EXP gain for Machine Made enemies and some of the enemies in Forest Maze (for easier leveling up).

V2.0 - Fixed most of the bugs and glitches of all the bosses, enemies, and battle formations with testing involved. Buffed Falcon Helm and Red Cap even more (status protection), A few bosses has been changed from before: a few are less annoying, but more are harder. Geno Boost only boosts Attack and Magic Defense now, but still has 2 frames for Defense. Only few minor bugs remains, but the hack is officially complete!

V1.30 & V1.31 - Fixed a few problems with Culex (NOT MAJOR), and a horrible Level-up bug (Broken Peach, and broken stats). Also, Geno Boost & Ultra Jump has been balanced even more, but frame for timing is increased for Geno Boost slightly. Also, minor changes & fixes to some bosses.

V1.20 & V1.21 - Fixes major battle bugs with Croco #2, Machine Made Yaridovich, Replacement Boss, and Culex. Also, Smithy, Jinx and Culex have been severely revamped and star grinding is less broken. Mallow and Geno have been buffed and a few of their specials improved. Stats and prices of certain pieces of equipment and items improved. Version 1.20 has V1.1a’s characters specials table while Version 1.21 has the new specials table. Example: Bowser learns Bowser Crush at Level 37 in V1.20, he will learn the same special at Level 30 in V1.21.

EDIT: V1.1a fixes the problem with Yoshi-Ade. In V1.1, Yoshi-Ade is so broken that it freezes the game. Also, the last boss got an increase in attack power for good reason.

  • Characters can go level up to Level 50
  • All bosses and enemies’ battle scripts changed
  • Character stats changed around
  • Spells changed
  • All Enemy stats changed
  • Dialogue changes (Mostly in-battle)
  • New enemies and enemy name changes
  • Well-balanced difficulty curve
  • Timing for Weapons, defense and spells changed
  • A few new attacks and spells
  • Some new items and equipments

Changes made from Remix (an older version):

  • Solves problems with some enemies/bosses with multiple attacks (i.e. Enemies attacking after characters have died, leads to bug where enemy jumps offscreen and attacks nothing, only to come back some minutes later).
  • Mallow with Shocker at the beginning instead of Thunderbolt as his first spell (Some enemies changed a bit to compensate for this).
  • Balance out stats between characters and increase HP stat boosts
  • Change enemy encounters around a bit (i.e. Mushroom Way, a Goomba encounter might give you two Goombas and a Koopa Troopa).
  • Improved certain boss and enemy tactics as well as stats to make a little tougher/more balanced.
  • Fixed the bug where it says that your character will gain a new special at Level 51. The max level is 50 in this game.
  • Changed Geno Whirl’s stats (It will always hit now, sometimes will hit 9999 on its own, but timing for guaranteed 9999 is VERY hard like Geno Boost’s).
  • Changed stats for a few pieces of equipment (Masher, Lazy Shell).
  • ALL Weapons have small changes to timing (Mainly just for the strongest level of the attack).
  • Changes to most Psychopath messages
  • Fixed problem with “Ready, Get Set, Go!” message on Booster Hill.
  • Small fixes with some out-of-battle text messages
  • Improved enemy evasion for most enemies.
  • Balanced FP cost and all-targeting attacks
  • Lessened overall EXP gain to compensate for Lucky Jewel, Lucky! Bonus, and the special Hammer.
  • EXP Booster costs twice the amount of Coin Trick now.
  • Balanced the stat-boosting items

Addendum: The archive was updated to fix the headered patch included, greatly reducing filesize of the archive. The non-headered patch and readme are unchanged.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (U) [!].smc - GOODSNES 2.04
  • CRC32: 1B8A0625
  • MD5: D0B68D68D9EFC0558242F5476D1C5B81
  • SHA-1: A4F7539054C359FE3F360B0E6B72E394439FE9DF
  • SHA-256: 740646F3535BFB365CA44E70D46AB433467B142BD84010393070BD0B141AF853



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Not Exactly RevolutionaryJosephine Lithius09 May 20195.0No
Very Annoying Mechanicsjohnny618921 Feb 20165.0No
Great Difficulty Hackmagictrufflez27 May 20155.0Yes
Barely Hit The Markocarinayoshi27 Sep 2011N/AYes