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Zelda Kong IX-XII (Original Edition)

Hack of Donkey Kong


This is a set of four hacks created to celebrate Donkey Kong’s 40th and Zelda’s 35th anniversary. The third in the Zelda Kong series, this entry puts Link’s Awakening in the limelight.

There are four IPS patches included in the zip. Each one features unique graphics, palettes, enemies, collectibles, and of course bosses and playable characters.


  • Link, shipwrecked on Koholint Island, finds the Shadow Nightmare has seized control, and the Owl needs your help! Hoot, indeed!
  • You found your Sword! It must be yours because it has your name engraved on it!
  • Grab Secret Seashells, Pieces of Heart, Rupees, and Heart Containers for points. If you collect a lot of these, something good is bound to happen!
  • The monsters’ power is real! Stalfos, Sparks, Darknuts, Traps, Pols Voice, and Wizzrobes have crawled out of the dungeons to destroy you.


  • Marin’s bestie Martha is being guarded by that lazy Walrus! She lost her necklace again, too, so bring it back to her.
  • Seems expensive? A Shovel isn’t just for digging holes. Great! Dig it! Dig it! Dig to the center of the earth!!
  • Collect Ocarinas, Sea Lily’s Bells, Bikini Tops, and Musical Notes for melodious bonus points.
  • All the animals of the island are out for blood. Rabbits, Cuccos, Toucans, Bear Cubs, Kiki, even the flying Rooster!


  • Yahoo! Grandpa went to visit Chef Bear but forgot his phone! As Grandma Ulrira, trek to the Animal Village to return it.
  • YAHOO! YAHOO! A new broom?! For me? Use the power of cleaning to tidy your foes into dust!
  • YAHOO! Grab Brooms, Magic Rods, Acorns, and Fishing Hooks for even more points!
  • Who cares about any stupid townsfolk in your way? Sweep away Mutts, BowWow, Quadruplets, Old Men, Trendy Game Guys, and Shopkeepers! YAHOO!


  • Mamu’s invaded the dream world and has taken Anti-Kirby hostage! Save him as Tarin, but don’t die, or you’ll become a Tanuki!
  • Sticks that monkeys leave behind can be powerful weapons. Just try not to anger any bees…
  • Gather Mushrooms, Yoshi Dolls, Magic Powder, and Bananas to raise your points.
  • Encounter an all-star cast of guest characters, such as Urchins, Goombas, Piranha Plant, Boo Buddies, Pokeys, Cheep-Cheeps, and Mask-Mimics!

Other features include new title screens for each game. ‘Game A/B’ have been changed to ‘Normal’ and ‘Expert’. All additional graphics and animations (e.g. many of Ganon’s frames) were created by Zero Meaning.

The ‘Original Edition’ of DK includes previously missing content such as the pie/cement level along with the cutscene of the big ape climbing the ladders. As with the rest of the game, all of this has been altered.

This hack also exists (without the extra content) for the original NES port.

A video longplay without commentary can be found here:

Previous entries in this series:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Donkey Kong - Original Edition (USA) (Virtual Console)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: BC1760E25492A0F2129EEF04A7420608288F61AA
  • File CRC32: 8C06D677
  • ROM SHA-1: FB50E8C5E655DDCC207A96D083CFCB472DF0DEF4
  • ROM CRC32: 5519A326




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Zero MeaningProductionAll Production, Original Graphics, Hex Editing, etc.

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