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Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden New Voices

Hack of Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden


This patch changes, and adds, some of the voices for Super moves.

In this version 2.0, the sound driver has been modified to allow as many voices/SFX as possible, only limited by rom size!

Changes made:

  • Added Goku’s intro from Super Butouden (”Ossu! Ora Goku..”),
  • Gohan: Now says Masenko just like in the previous version, but the Kamehameha voice is restored
  • Piccolo: added voice for “Gekiretsu Kodan” instead of the “Ha!” sfx.
  • Vegeta: added “Big Bang Attack” voice instead of the “Ha!” sfx.
  • Trunks: added “Burning Attack” voice instead of the “Ha!” sfx.
  • Cell: restored the grunt for Makankosappou (keeping both voices)
  • Android 18: instead of “Sora!” for the specials, says “Uttoshine!” (from Dragon Ball Supersonic Warriors) and “Jā ne, bye” (from Dragon Ball FighterZ)
  • Krillin: added “kame Hame Ha” voice
  • Freeza: added “Ima sugu damara sete yaru zo” for Mega Buster (from Dragon Ball FighterZ and DBZ episode 99)
  • Recoome: added “Recoome Eraser Gun!” voice.

In short, every character except Goku and Ginyu now has different and specific voices for each attack (and the intro :D )

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20210226-213851)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: DC6336DFBBE76C24ADA735009D0D667CE27843F6
  • File/ROM CRC32: AF8F3371



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