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Let’s call this a RePublish patch for lack for a better name.

This doesn’t translate the game, since it was already translated, and it doesn’t change that translation. It just incorporates that translation and some other fixes into the Japanese version (which means Japanese controls and save files), without incorporating the massive blur, screen stretching, and other odd technical changes of the EU release.

Here’s what this does and what is new over the EU version:

  • Incorporates the English translation from Yuki, including the upper and lower case character set, something not available in the Neo Geo hack that’s out in the wild.
  • English translation of Skill Lists for the majority of characters (a few couldn’t fit and some don’t show the final page, which is just the same input for WFT all characters have).
  • English translations of other menus, loading screens, etc.
  • [New] Retains the visual aesthetics of the original Japanese release, including nice clean pixel presentation, stylish Japanese characters during the announcer segments, original Japanese VO, etc., while presenting English for gameplay elements and segments, which is hopefully an appropriate mix, and more akin to the way it’s done in the most recent SamSho.

This patch also gives you one bonus that no other home port got at the time:

  • Gaoh is now selectable in practice in the normal character list
  • Gaoh is now selectable in versus via a code (Hold Start while selecting Random)

This brings it perhaps a little more in line with other SNK home ports of the time. While it’s not as solid a port as KoF 2000 was, it still has some decent upgrades over the arcade and future releases of the game, such as the Arrange soundtrack, and the improved voice and sound samples for many characters, plus it’s 240p during gameplay.

You can consider this a somewhat incomplete patch as of 0.8b. Please see the readme for more complete details, and feel free contact the author if anything not listed in there is missing or bugged in some way.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No database match.
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 1C514C65ED38C586625B607FC03835F27B5DCAAD
  • File/ROM CRC32: B4C867FB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Justin GibbinsOriginal Hacking68k editing, file replacement, etc.

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