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Joy Mech Fight Special

Hack of Joy Mech Fight


JMF Special is a balance update that focuses more on the competitive aspect over its solo mode. With input taken from the competitive community, the roster is more balanced by fixing up moves, improving the less-used characters, and carefully toning down those too good. Changes to the mechanics were made to refine gameplay closer to what the developers may have intended, and more are planned. While joke characters still may not fare so well, they are far more competitive than before. Many, many cosmetic changes were also made for a more appealing and diverse presentation. Overall, this is a far more definitive experience to play with others. In fact, this hack even works on Fightcade 2 by simply replacing the ROM! Subscribe here or join the Discord server to stay updated!

The readme file documents all changes made as well as differences between the current and previous versions.

This is the biggest update yet! You can now choose from a variety of colors for each character; many were made by the JMF community! Getting out of dizzy is now consistent regardless of the character’s threshold and how far you were over. Some control refinements were also done to prevent misinputs. Lastly, part of the game was retranslated for accuracy, which has been touched up for localization. Japanese is no longer supported. It is now far too much work now to keep them virtually identical with the way text is handled. This update fixes a quirk in the mechanics that could be used to walk forward indefinitely but also removes most grounded cross-ups. To compensate, finding one will now be unblockable.

The project is still on hiatus as I work on other projects. Whenever the hiatus is over, development will restart by adding new characters.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Joy Mech Fight (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • File SHA-1: A8C2984695B82D518E53A4C7E4376BE867013D06
  • File CRC32: D6C81006
  • ROM SHA-1: 9C8F53AD0348EE58D842B86FB845C8014D10FA21
  • ROM CRC32: 708EA2BE




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
StreetwizeHackingAll hacking and some new graphics
KzinssieTranslationRetranslated many characters and attack names
Spoox (JBG22)GraphicsMade sprites to help characters stand out more
AlanMidasOriginal TranslationWas used as a base for this.

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