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Resident Evil: True Director's Cut

Hack of Resident Evil: Director's Cut



Happy Resident Evil 25th Anniversary! On March 23th 1996, Capcom released in Japan the first game with the “Survival Horror” tag on the PlayStation: Biohazard, released a week later in the West as Resident Evil. The game was a major success, selling over 2.75 million copies at the time.

Sadly, Resident Evil suffered from some questionable censorship. One year later, in 1997, the game received a Director’s Cut update, with many additions, including “the complete uncut and uncensored Resident Evil cinemas”, as stated on the back of the case. The latter was however false, allegedly due to a manufacturing error. So, when Capcom decided to re-release the game for a third time in 1998, featuring DualShock support and an orchestrated soundtrack, one could think that they finally fixed this issue, right? Wrong.

This simple project aims to restore content from the various releases of the game, such as the Beta, Trial, or original Japanese versions, including:

  • The original uncut FMVs from the Japanese version, alongside the full-color opening scene from the French and German Director’s Cut release.
  • The Mansion’s Bathroom from the 01/31/1996 Beta version, which allows you to grab an extra Clip after unplugging the Water in Jill’s scenario.
  • The Mansion’s 2nd Floor Right Stairs wall message in blood, from the Japanese Trial Edition of the game.
  • The Mansion’s 2nd Floor Main Hall unknown music track, in the scene when Jill meets Barry again (”it’s reeaally powerful”), sourced from the 01/31/1996 Beta version (only on Easy and Original modes).
  • And more to come.

The addition of more content to this mod is in the works, mainly the restoration of the backgrounds from the memos that were present in the Japanese releases.

This patch is aimed at the Greatest Hits DualShock Ver. (SLUS-00747) release of the game. You should patch Track 1 and Track 1 only, using xdelta (provided). Please check that your copy matches the Redump Database values listed in the ROM / ISO Information section. You have two patches to select from: one with the original BGM and one with the OST from the DualShock ver. (apply only one).

Link to patch:

Link to the forum thread:

Thanks to:

  • Wes67, for this RE1_Rebuild tool and his Ultimate Director’s Cut mod, which served as inspiration for this mod.
  • SolidSnake11, from the “Peace of Mind” Discord server, for figuring out how the movies’ attributes were coded in the game’s executable.
  • The various users from the “RE123_modding_forum” and “PSXDev” Discord servers, for helping out as well.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • CRC-32: b01860ce
  • MD5: 547d112ed2d5624fc23e765485f061bc
  • SHA-1: 08fbc01ae9c3d47aa93d2a99d69fa67a54e4982b



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


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Deli295HackingOverall hacking

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