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International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (SA)

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International SuperStar Soccer Deluxe (SA) [South America] By Manoel Messias & Jorge Guimarães

Version 1.0 RC - December 2020

  • New playable national squads:

Bolivia (Imported from Japanese version of the game) Chile (brand new) Ecuador (brand new) Paraguay (Imported from Japanese version of the game) Peru (brand new) Venezuela (brand new) Saudi Arabia (Imported from Japanese version of the game)

  • All elements of the game belonging to the new teams have been customized.
  • All South American squads (CONMEBOL) are now present in the game. Also, with the inclusion of Saudi Arabia, now every participant from the 1994 World Cup are also present.
  • The ALL STARS team are no longer playable, but they remain as the final challenge of the game once the player clears the WORLD SERIES at level 5.
  • Turkey has been adjusted to be included in the Europe continent, in order to fix its qualifying group in the INTERNATIONAL CUP mode, matching what happens in real life (Turkey plays the UEFA qualifying rounds).
  • The skills of the teams were carefully balanced in order to solve the problem of the huge gaps between the teams, especially among teams outside the main three (Brazil, Italy, Germany).
  • The flag of England was remade, with the red cross at the center of the flag, instead of being mistakenly placed like a Scandinavian country.
  • Among other minor adjustments and necessary corrections.
  • Other elements of the game were kept faithful to the original.

Version 1.1 - March 2021

  • Fixed England’s AWAY kit.
  • Fixed missing secondary skin color (black) on Portugal
  • Fixed several colors of uniforms which were displayed incorrectly during the “Big Screen/Hat trick” sequence. Also, the screen now shows the correct color of skin if the player has a secondary palette color on England, Portugal and several South American teams.
  • Fixed some skill changes which were not addressed in the previous version
  • Names which repeats themselves often were swapped to new ones, to bring more variety.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File SHA-1: E1DE088AABEFB9C8F9670268528A48D82774EF9A
  • File CRC32: A0246B62
  • ROM SHA-1: BF4DA6C24748B2AC8270BDE001A65AD377B8D78D
  • ROM CRC32: A20E602




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Jorge GuimarãesScript Editing/RevisionSkills improvements, player names, formations

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