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Fate/Extra Perfect

Hack of Fate/Extra


This patch is for the US version of Fate/Extra. It adds subtitles to all the spoken battle lines, fixes lore translations to match the common Fate canon, subtitles the opening video, and fixes various translation issues from the original English release. It is compatible with PSP hardware, though the low-res ruby font is recommended when running on a physical PSP.

See here for more information.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ULUS10576
  • SHA-1: 37FDAF91A80552DF995CE99A930B88F14F954F1F
  • CRC32: 64591E2
  • MD5: c9a968f80d5e91b2472925c8895be08f




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
SnowyAriaTranslationBattle translations
ItsumoKnightScript Editing/RevisionEditing
IgorAkouGraphicsImage editing

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