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‏‏Rhyme Rider Kerorican - Audio Cues

Hack of Rhyme Rider Kerorican


Rhyme Rider Kerorican is a rhythm game designed by the famed Masaya Matsuura (founder of NanaOn-Sha and credited with the creation of the music game genre). The game is very similar to another one of Masaya Matsuura’s games, Vib Ribbon. Rhyme Rider Kerorican has divided opinions and was criticized for its difficult gameplay, including its difficulty of timing and hard button combinations (although a “one-button” easy mode is available). This hack solves the timing issue by adding two audio cues before each obstacle. It’s a small change that enhances the flow and reduces the frustration. Note that the menus are in Japanese, but you can find a translated manual online, it will also help you figure out the button combinations for the different obstacles.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rhyme Rider Kerorican (Japan).wsc
  • CRC32: 60706555
  • MD5: 04237A449794B5A7A8E4A3572707BEFC
  • SHA-1: 5973306A864C3804EE10B209E45067807D39A4DE




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