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Dragon Quest Titlescreen

Hack of Dragon Warrior


  • The Dragon Quest title screen graphics were copied from the original Dragon Quest (J), and the cracks and shapes of some of the rocks have been edited slightly.
  • The missing dragon sprites were copied from the original Dragon Quest (J), and the dragon was recolored and moved back to its original location. Its neckline and tongue have been edited slightly.
  • The sword flash was recolored and moved back to its original location.
  • The “ENIX” text in the logo was edited to look more like the actual logo.
  • The overall purple theme was inspired by the original Famicom box art.
  • The ending credits were recolored, realigned slightly, and the spelling of “PROGRAMER” was corrected. The serif font was switched to the standard sans-serif font from the main game.
  • Update: v1.1 Glitched graphics during the Dragonlord fight have been fixed. One caveat is if your player name has these characters in the first 4 letters of your name, those character graphics will still glitch in the name display only during the Dragonlord fight: comma, dash, brackets, lower case ‘q’, lower case ‘x’, lower case ‘z’.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Dragon Warrior (USA) (Rev A)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: 1ECC63AAAC50A9612EAA8B69143858C3E48DD0AE
  • File CRC32: D4D5F5D7
  • ROM SHA-1: 240E445AB95C3A5AFBEF63E9239EACC9F9FE1E19
  • ROM CRC32: 2545214C



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