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Panel de Pon Options Menu Restoration

Hack of Tetris Attack


Update: 11/16/2020 - Fixed an issue where if you select 1P Game with Controller 2, the game froze.

Restores the lost options menu in the original Panel de Pon for Super Famicom including displaying the menu and scrolling in-out animations for the “Options” text.

A fifth option was available for the game’s respective first 2 Satellaview Event versions (With the first one being released before the final game) but that option was not specifically for the options menu. A fully functional options menu later appeared in its first initial localized reskinned release, Tetris Attack.

There are 2 patches included: one without the 7 additional Music Test tracks in the options menu and one that restores the 7 unplayable tracks for the Music Test. (This patch is a full one just like the patch that doesn’t restore the 7 unplayable tracks)

NOTE: This patch is compatible with the English Patch, however, the translated “O” in the “Option” text was not drawn correctly, and the text box will simply give out an “?” text in the box which means that specific dialogue was not translated.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Panel de Pon (J)
  • CRC-32: 14D70786
  • SHA-1: EAD855D774C9943F7FFB5B4F429B2DD07FB6F606
  • SHA-256: 109B0CF97A740158CB24F6B73690047421AB085964238FDAEB03475038E03CF1
  • MD-5: CE9B7F3572867F3C1C6FF889B02A63A4
  • Panel de Pon (J) - English Patched
  • CRC32: 214D7B39
  • SHA-1: 8C92E0F7AF20265C68ABA7F0C8FCAD5ABE5D77DE
  • SHA-256: 3E471D103CBDC8A5A6D4200B60FEF9E57C1809A903ACB67A7233AFDA582DDF7E
  • MD5: 45D7DE94C15BD01BC3D02A591469DF40




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