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Pocket Alpha 3

Hack of Street Fighter Alpha 3


This hack restores the option to download “Pocket Alpha 3″ in a PocketStation device. You can also upload a character to fight in World Tour mode from a PocketStation save.

This patch is confirmed to work on real, modified PlayStation consoles.


  • v1.0: Activate “PocketStation” option in the main menu.
  • v1.1: Fix the bug that made the text “Mode Menu” disappear in the main menu of version 1.0. - v1.1: Activate “Pocket Alpha 3″ option in the “New Game” menu of “World Tour”.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SHA-1 (USA - Track1): EC98188F53DBFA08A59D89C981E9CA68B7F1748E
  • CRC32 (USA - Track1): D5E20D47
  • MD5 (USA - Track1): c232562dced4e65664a9c5410e6e57a3
  • Size (USA - Track1): 484081584 bytes
  • ----
  • SHA-1 (PAL): 0BBD619E3F68A2E0A2DD584A6A328DEA01EED049
  • CRC32 (PAL): F454C7E0
  • MD5 (PAL): 7467d656b3e5fb020a5d5937426ca0a4
  • Size (PAL): 526977360 bytes




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User Reviews
The NTSC-U/C deserves it!pating11 Jun 20211.1Yes