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93' Optimized

Hack of Contra


“93′ Optimized” is a hack of Contra on the NES based on “Contra Aoi Version“.

The level designs are mixed with some designs from the original game, “93′ Super Contra II”, and some new designs.

Enemy AI is almost the same as “Contra Aoi Version”. But the difficulty is easier…

Weapons are better than the original game. And like the NDS’ Contra 4, they have the upgraded system, and you have the secondary weapon slot to switch. So be good at using any weapons to run through every stage…

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Contra (U) [!].nes - GoodNES
  • CRC32: C50A8304
  • MD5: 7BDAD8B4A7A56A634C9649D20BD3011B
  • SHA-1: C9EA66BB7CB30AD5343F1721B1D4D3219859319B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AzStarLevelsLevel Designs and Weapon Hacking
CZXHackingBugfix, Weapon Hacking and Enemies' Attribute Hacking
magusOriginal HackingOrig. Secondary Weapon Slot Hacking
TraxOriginal HackingOrig. Enemies' Attributes Hacking

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Not for a casual gamer!redhotiron200406 Oct 20201.41aYes