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Road Rash 2 Opponent Edition

Hack of Road Rash II


The goal of the hack is to make the player bikes have all the colors of the opponents from road rash 1 2 and 3 be playable and the opponent racers also get a new paint job. All new palettes are based on the official colors EA used in the games even the a.i has official colors

Road Rash 2 Opponent Edition - Video preview This was recorded on real hardware which explains the quality of the video.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Road Rash II (USA, Europe).md
  • CRC-32: 7b29c209
  • MD4: bd110db96e2013ebae96ed1cbc339544
  • MD5: c04a309f607aaf59f55eb8dad6affa73
  • SHA-1: 6fa6420a2abcf5c2c4620c19b1f2a831996af481




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joe dailyghtHacking

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