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Castlevania Practice and Test Rom

Hack of Castlevania


Converted the ROM to MMC5 since UNROM does not support SRAM

Features: In game menu when pressing START (pause)

  • reset to beginning of the current level
  • level Select (press A to lunch)
  • game mode (only one can be active at a time)
  • 00 “off” (no mods are loaded)
  • 01 “scroll gl” glitch practice (info in read-me)
  • 02 “timer fra” (frame-counter does also lag with the game)
  • 03 “pos viewer” shows xPos and yPos of the player
  • 04 “loop mode” does save gear and cam options to SRAM and reload as you spawn
  • 05 “stair fnd” does find stairs and displays them on screen. Room color encoded
  • 06 “beer” does make the player jump to the top of the screen when pressing select
  • 07 “map sta” select goes to map. Pressing left/right tries to put Simon in stairmode. (likely to crash the game)
  • 08 “zoom fa” does fake scroll to show the whole nametable. Press hold select.
  • 09 “door find” will display doors active color encoded
  • give all (refill everything)
  • game loop (switch first and second quest)
  • slow motion (lags the game to observe what is going on)
  • color mode (set intensive color or black/white)
  • give items.. (does what it claims)
  • place holder will load some sound when pressing B and exit the menu

clear SRAM:

  • Holding A and B at title-screen. Will reload the code to SRAM that could be damaged after a crash

The old version still available and is more for hacks who like to test there levels. This one is aimed to be a game trainer.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Castlevania (USA) (Rev A)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: 7A20C44F302FB2F1B7ADFFA6B619E3E1CAE7B546
  • File CRC32: 856114C8
  • ROM SHA-1: 3DCB69A8C861C041AEB56C04E39ADF6D332EDA3A
  • ROM CRC32: B668C7FC



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