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Seiken Densetsu 3: bugfix edition

Hack of Trials of Mana


Fixes a handful of gameplay bugs in the game and adjusts some values to be not absolutely imbalanced.

  • enabled AGL/evade for actual hit/evade mechanics instead of animation-only
  • hit up/down effects altered from no change to +10/-15 accuracy
  • increased chance for critical hits from fixed 0 to 2+LUCK
  • LUCK now grants a chance to deny enemy counter moves
  • changed attack bonus of crits from +50% to +(LUCK x weaponfactor)/3 (for monster treat level/4 as weaponfactor)
  • reduced damage of regular attacks for dual attackers by 25%
  • reduced Kevin’s wolfform bonus from +15% to +10%
  • reduced power up/down effect from +33% to +20%
  • apply 300 def cap before buffs instead of after
  • corrected issue with level-ups where max stats were sometimes those of later levels
  • force attack recalculation on map transition to prevent wolf bonus stacking abuse
  • Transshape has fixed duration of 12 instead of 25 minus LUCK
  • Heal Light no longer “heals” maxHP up/down (effect was only visible on next maxHP check)
  • Heal Light is no longer reduced on a target that has m.def up (or increased with m.def down)
  • prevent HP overflow from healing enemies with 65k+ HP
  • changed energy ball from crit rate = 50% to crit rate x1.5
  • Blaze Wall, Flame Breath, Demon Breath and Lava Wave no longer remove status ailments from the target (they try to inflict non-existing burn state)
  • fixed Kevin’s Deathhand and Dervish being mixed up in menu
  • fixed level of gemstone valley mobs that are stuck at Lv28 instead of growing with plot progress like their neighbors
  • removed check that sets LUCK to max if it is 20 or above on any kill
  • fixed that the day bonus on melee attacks checked for the target’s saber instead of the attacker’s
  • added element check on Lv2/3 techs (immune, absorb and reflect deal 1 damage instead of their real effects)
  • fixed magic shield only applying half of the magic defense effect mind up gives
  • fixed cast time progressing while menu is open
  • fixed that spell damage calculation used the level of the target instead of the caster for the 60%/90% bonus
  • changed the level based bonus to a gradual increase by level instead of a sudden spike going from 19 to 20 and 39 to 40
  • added exp rubberbanding if your highest levelled party member is below the monster’s level
  • added extra patch to remove cast time of spells
  • added extra patch to always get a chest after battle
  • added extra patch to boost all elements on manaday

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Seiken Densetsu 3 (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 209C55FD2A8D7963905E3048B7D40094D6BEA965
  • File/ROM CRC32: 863ED0B8



RHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
praetarius5018Original HackingASM

User Review Information

User Reviews
Makes a diamond in the rough more polishedRed Soul04 Nov 20211.7Yes
Everything is great.. just the spellsOrangeCrush66601 Nov 20211.5Yes
You don't need to lose your casting timenoji110530 Oct 20211.5No
Awesome!abandonedriddle18 Jun 20201.3bYes
A must.hmsong05 Nov 20211.7Yes
A Different PerspectiveChicken Knife04 Jun 20201.3bYes
BrutalChronosplit04 Oct 20201.3bNo