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Project ZM

Hack of Metroid: Zero Mission


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Project ZM is a work-in-progress vanilla+ hack for the North American (U) Metroid Zero Mission ROM. It is designed to fix errors and add new gameplay routes, tricks and mechanics.

Standard Patch (Proj_ZM_082.ips) The intended experience for new players.

  • In the original game and this patch, some abilities are unknown items – They cannot be used right away.
  • Chozo statues drop hints to keep you on track.

Unknown Items Enabled (Proj_ZM_082_Unk_Enabled.ips) For experienced players and speedrunners. If this is your first time, do not use this patch. You will be lost.

  • Samus’ suit can use unknown items.
  • Chozo hint statues are removed.
  • Item messages can be dismissed faster.
  • Instant door transitions.
  • Plasma beam deals less damage since it is obtained earlier in the game.

Aesthetic changes

  • Custom title screen.
  • Compact HUD with three separate colors for selected weapons and red digits at low energy.
  • Power bombs are yellow. (It never made sense to me that purple power bombs open yellow doors when Red missiles open red doors and Green super missiles open green doors)
  • Custom detailed map tiles inspired by Super Metroid Redesign: Axeil Edition. (For more screen real estate)
  • Compact slightly modified font from European Zero Mission ROM.
  • Maroon outlines and navy blue filler recolored on a per-object, per-tileset basis.
  • Unique breakable blocks in the mothership. (inspired by breakable blocks in Fusion, with notches in each corner)
  • Slight modification to bomb block and screw attack block graphics.
  • Doors are more obviously unlocked with a blue to gray animation instead of white to gray.
  • A whole slew of fixed tiling errors.
  • The blocky corners of Deorem’s eye socket have been rounded.
  • Screw attack particles have a purple outline.

Gameplay changes

  • SM controls: Choose between GBA and SNES controls in the options menu.
  • Suit rebalance: Gravity Suit on its own is not heat or weak acid resistant. Both Varia and Gravity Suits are required for lava resistance. This change was made to encourage grabbing both suits.
  • Walljump with spacejump: You can now walljump when you have spacejump or space + screw attack.
  • Fusion style R-shot: Fire a charged shot without interrupting a spinjump by pressing R with default controls
  • Faster shinespark recovery: When Samus sparks into something, she recovers faster.
  • Suitless spacejump and bombjump in liquids: You can spacejump and bombjump in liquids without the gravity suit.
  • Faster room transitions. (Instant in Unknown Items Enabled)
  • Mid-air ballsparking.
  • SM style item grabbing.
  • SM style equipment toggling.
  • Steer shinesparking with D-Pad.
  • Initiate speed booster in Morph ball.
  • Suck in drops with charge beam.
  • Bomb jump with power bombs.

Physics Changes

  • Midair morph does not stop you.
  • Continue charging speedboost when jumping/falling.
  • Springball no longer stops ballboosting.
  • Respin out of shinespark.
  • Momentum is preserved.

Enemy Changes

  • Enemy drops have been significantly improved. (Dropping “Nothing” is a stat: I cut it in half for each enemy and redistributed to all the other drops)
  • More enemies vulnerable to power bombs.
  • Enemies are no longer stunned in Hard mode. This replaces Easy mode’s longer enemy stun.
  • The Kraid Gadora fires eye blasts like the Ridley Gadora.
  • Kraid fingernails use Hard mode velocity on Easy and Normal.
  • The missile block in Kraid’s room was removed to add challenge to the fight.
  • Mecha Ridley is harder if you have 30% items.
  • Ridley’s aggression threshold is dropped from 200 damage (10 missiles or 2 charge shots) to 40 damage (2 missiles).
  • The Ridley fight begins as soon as you enter his room. In vanilla and standard patch, gravity suit is unusable for this fight, as it is an unknown item. For unknown items enabled, this makes Gravity Suit a reward.

World changes:

  • You begin the game next to the ship.
  • Low% is now as low as 4%. (Morph, bombs, Ice beam, missile tank)
  • All unknown items and power grip can be skipped.
  • A bunch of rooms were changed to make low% without power grip possible.
  • Perfect stealth is humanly achievable.
  • There is a new way to skip zipline activation in Kraid.
  • The black space pirates are now weak to any beam. Plasma beam is not required.
  • Hard mode is always available. After beating the game, you can press Up, Left, Right, Down for Time Attack mode.
  • Norfair is accessible before bombs.
  • Power bombs can be obtained early in two locations. This does not allow you to beat the game early; you must still follow the original sequence of events.
  • An optional map room was added to Tourian.
  • Tourian has more rinkas in hard mode, and the mother brain room has more spots to use power grip.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Metroid - Zero Mission (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy Advance (v. 20180816-092117)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 5DE8536AFE1F0078EE6FE1089F890E8C7AA0A6E8
  • File/ROM CRC32: 5C61A844




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
CosmicHackingLevel design, ASM, Graphics, Palettes, Hex tweaks
biosparkHackingMetroid Advance Game Editor (MAGE), ASM, Graphics, Hex tweaks, General help
Captain GlitchHackingASM, Hex tweaks, General help
raygunHackingASM, Hex tweaks, Graphics, General help
kiliwilyHackingASM, Hex tweaks, General help
cauuyjdpHackingHex tweaks, General help
JumZhu.DiwaHackingWalljump with Spacejump

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