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Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style Edition

Hack of Final Fantasy III


Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style Edition is a thorough and nostalgic revision of the text and presentation of Final Fantasy VI.

The purpose of the hack is to bring FF6’s superficial elements as close as possible to the standard set by FFOrigins and FF6’s immediate successors, while restoring the difficulty of the game’s 1994 North American release as designed.

Like several other hacks of its kind currently available, FF6:ROSE includes bug fixes, decensored graphics, quality-of-life enhancements, and a revised script based on multiple translation sources, both official (Woolsey, Slattery) and unofficial (kWhazit, Clyde Mandelin, Lina Darkstar, et al.).

In addition, FF6:ROSE is distinguished by two primary advancements:

  • Numerous instances of mismatched character dialects, minor continuity errors, and unnecessary speaker ambiguity in the script have been resolved via dynamic text customization.
  • The names of almost all enemies and items have been retranslated at full length. Originally, these were limited for technical reasons to 10 and 12 characters, respectively. Using an extended pool of monospace font graphics, they now reach up to 14 and 16 characters, respectively, and only a handful require abbreviation.

Other improvements introduced by this hack:

  • Ability names have been retranslated at full length, without additional abbreviations or truncation.
  • A/B button functionality may be swapped in the Config menu.
  • Soft reset is available via Start+Select+L+R on the field and in battle.
  • Continuing the game upon defeat is now optional.
  • Wandering NPCs more readily yield ground to the player character, making navigation through crowded spaces more convenient.
  • Dialog captions use the quoted text format standardized by FF6’s successors.
  • MP healing & MP damage numerals have been recolored without affecting the reflected spells animation palette.
  • A limited selection of dummied-out/unfinished character content has been reconstructed.

See the Readme file for a full list of features.

Additional screenshots and script info can be found at the project webpage here.

FF6:ROSE is built on a modified version of C. V. Reynold’s Multi-Bugfix compilation patch. While a large number of bugs are fixed, all intentional design choices (including poor ones) related to the core RPG mechanics of the original FF6 are retained.

The font used for the revised text is based exclusively on the original, adapted as necessary to meet space restrictions.

Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style Edition has been made possible by the work of many, many FF6 fans and hackers over the years, to whom the author is greatly indebted. See the Readme for a full list of acknowledgments.

Archive includes an .ips patch for both headered and non-headered ROMs.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Final Fantasy III (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File SHA-1: 2F3959057B2AB3664A564C467FBE4B81227CB0F3
  • File CRC32: 7D91FDF2
  • ROM SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
  • ROM CRC32: A27F1C7A




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
KWhazitTranslationMajor unofficial translation source
TomatoTranslationMajor unofficial translation source
Lina DarkstarTranslationUnnoficial translation source
SilentEnigmaScript Editing/RevisionDialog script & menu text revision
DarkMageScript Editing/RevisionMajor secondary dialog script source
Rodimus PrimalScript Editing/RevisionSecondary dialog script source
SpooniestScript Editing/RevisionSecondary dialog script source
angelo26Script Editing/RevisionSecondary menu text source
Dr. MeatScript Editing/RevisionSecondary menu text source
YazooGraphicsFF6 title screen
Terii SenshiGraphicsFF6 enemy sprites
Dr. MeatGraphicsFF6 pub signs & battle backgrounds
vivify93GraphicsFF6 Silence spell graphic
SilentEnigmaOriginal HackingQoL enhancements & bugfixes
Leet SketcherOriginal HackingQoL enhancements & bugfixes
Master ZEDOriginal HackingQoL enhancements & bugfixes
ImzogelmoOriginal HackingQoL enhancements, bugfixes, documentation
MadsiurOriginal HackingQoL enhancement groundwork & bugfixes
SSJ RickOriginal Hacking"Dark World" music retention hack
SubtractionOriginal HackingQoL enhancement bugfix
C. V. ReynoldsHackingBugfix compilation
assassin17Original HackingBugfixes, documentation
bydolessOriginal HackingBugfixes
DarkMageOriginal HackingBugfixes
DjibrielOriginal HackingBugfixes
DragonsbrethrenOriginal HackingBugfixes
DrakkhenOriginal HackingBugfixes
Gi NattakOriginal HackingBugfixes
LenophisOriginal HackingBugfixes
Lord JOriginal HackingBugfixes & hacking utilities
KejardonOriginal HackingBugfixes
mblock129Original HackingBugfixes
Novalia SpiritOriginal HackingBugfixes

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