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Pokémon Crystal - Battle Tower Enhanced

Hack of Pokémon: Crystal Version


this hack changes the battle tower to allow you and your opponent to bring 6 pokemon with no item clause. all the oppoenents you face have the stats they would have at level 100 along with max DVs and stat EXP.

THIS HACK WAS DESIGNED TO BE USED WITH A SAVE EDITOR. PKHeX is the best one, since its compatible with every generation, and can directly edit stat values: (if you dont have your own save file to transfer mons from, there is one included for you to play around with. but like pokemon stadium, this game is better w mons from your own adventures)

there are two versions of this hack. generally the difference is this:

  • [Vanilla] only changes the battle tower mechanics. Anything that would change the battle system is left out.
  • [Krusty] changes battle tower mechanics AND updates a lot of the battle mechanics (Fairy typing, moves from new games) . Pokémon fought in the tower are also different

Here are the changes in more detail. These go for both unless otherwise stated:

Game Start

  • Players house moved to olivine
  • no starter pokemon, but check monica on route 40. if shes there, she has something (more free shit is planned to get you started, but seriously for now just use a save editor)

In-progress edits

  • Wild Pokemon raised to level 100
  • catch ratch on some mons raised to compensate (miltank has 255 since you start at olivine)

Battle Tower Rules. These go for both versions.

  • Removed item clause (can bring as many leftovers as you want)
  • Can bring 6 pokémon
  • opponent brings 6 pokémon
  • streak lasts for 4 trainers

Battle Tower Trainers. The vanilla version has the same mons as regular pokémon crystal.

  • all the pokémon you face have the stats they would have at level 100.
  • nearly all BTmons that had gold berries now have leftovers
  • seismic toss and night shade always do 100 HP
  • enemy levels changed to represent what level of the tower youre on (doesnt affect their stats, they still are functionally at level 100)
  • enemy ai changed to switch more often
  • (Krusty ver still updating all BTmons, up to level 3 and ubers done)

Pokémon Stat Updates

  • Only stat changes in the vanilla ver are prevos. they mostly have their stats changed to match their evolutions, but never creating a new mon (horsea has seadra’s gen 1 stats but seadra itself is now part dragon and has kingdras stats)

In krusty ver, more mon stats have been edited.

  • megas are represented by giving the Pokémon half its stat boosts.
  • alolan versions and some newer mons are referenced through type changes (pidgey gains fire typing like talonflame)

Battle Mechanic Updates (Krusty ver only).

  • Physical/Special Split
  • Fairy type
  • Crit chances edited (no random crits, only thru scope lens, focus energy, etc)
  • Move list edited to include necessary moves (Drill Run, Air Slash, Dark Pulse)
  • Redundant moves replaced w good ones (Ember to Will-o-Wisp, Bubble to Scald)
  • More boosting moves and a whole lot more secondary effects

and more technical shit like

  • gen 1 Hyper Beam
  • Solarbeam deals 70 damage normally and double in sun
  • Whirlpool that can enact rain
  • Horn Leech that enacts leech seed
  • Volt Switch and U-Turn (deal less damage but keep stat stages)

The Krusty version is more actively developed so the patch uploaded here is almost guaranteed to be out of date. although feedback on it would still be great! Especially if you manage to play this with friends, I’d like to hear what about kinda sets yall come up with and the meta that evolves. Keep in mind that move compatibility isnt enforced in any way and theres still some things i gotta work out, but honestly if you look at a mon’s future movepool and see it gets something similar or does the same thing, just go for it and see if youre havin fun or not

link to the hack’s github:

based on the crystal disassembly:

if you have the urge to play actual pokemon crystal, check out Pokemon Crystal Clear by shockslayer

crystal clear save files dont work with this hack, so feel free to edit the included save file. It starts in the Battle Tower, with all the badges, so you can just edit the name and trainer id in PKHeX and be good to go. regular crystal save files might work with a simple rename, but always backup your files just in case.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20180815-131105)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: F4CD194BDEE0D04CA4EAC29E09B8E4E9D818C133
  • File/ROM CRC32: EE6F5188




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