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Super Luigi Sunshine (Now with Luigi's voice)

Hack of Super Mario Sunshine


Download link:×99of/


The Super Luigi Sunshine mod has been a thing for quite some time, but there was no simple way to get this mod until this xdelta was created.

The mod started by just replacing Mario’s model with the Luigi model from Super Mario 64 DS, but a custom model to fit the Sunshine theme was eventually created along with many other features. In addition to converting these assets into a simple xdelta patch, new features have been added as well, including Luigi voice-clips!

(Please remember that editing Super Mario Sunshine sound effects is still a very buggy process and that a few sound effects, Luigi’s voice or not, may not play or play distorted.)

Previously worked on by:

Melonspeedruns Nibroc.Rock Kaio GeoshiTheRed stomatol Quasmok

New features made by:

Wizard Yoshi2

Full permission was given for Nintendo 64 Wizard or anyone else of with interest to continue this mod when the assets were released by Marionova64 here at the request of Melonspeedruns:

New features (Ver 4.0):

  • The player now has Luigi’s voice.
  • The FLUDD now has Egadd’s voice.

New features (Ver 3.0):

  • The NPCs now call the player “Luigi.”
  • The pixelated icon to show where the player is on the map now has Luigi’s palette.
  • All modders who have worked on this project are credited in-game.

Total features (Excluding the new ones just mentioned):

  • Mario’s model is changed to Luigi’s model.
  • The FLUDD has been redesigned to resemble the Poltergust 3000.
  • The lives HUD displays an icon of Luigi’s head with text reading “Luigi” displayed above.
  • The title screen says “Super Luigi Sunshine.” (After it finishes loading.)
  • You hear a voice-clip from Luigi when you boot up the game.

What it doesn’t feature (yet):

  • The intro still says “Nintendo Presents Super Mario Sunshine.”
  • The Gamecube boot-up still displays the “Super Mario Sunshine” logo.
  • The Gamecube memory card still displays a picture of Mario’s face for the save file.
  • The save files in-game still say “Mario.”
  • The pre-rendered cut-scenes still have Mario.
  • The FLUDD when not worn on Luigi’s back shows up like its original non-Poltergust 3000 counterpart.
  • The custom HUD pictures for the Poltergust 3000 FLUDD haven’t been finished.
  • Shadow Mario is not replaced with Shadow Luigi.
  • An icon of Mario’s face is still displayed where the player is on the map of Isle Delfino
  • The title screen still says “Super Mario Sunshine” until it finishes loading.

If anyone is able to improve this hack by adding anything listed as lacking, send Nintendo 64 Wizard the new asset(s) at

If the asset(s) are quality enough to be in this mod, the creator’s name will be added to the credits, both on this page and in-game.

Download link:×99of/

(Unfortunately, the xdelta patch must be downloaded offsite because files exceeding 30MB in size are not permitted onsite.)

Added a custom title on GameTDB and added the Title ID to be “GLSE01″

ROM / ISO Information:

  • - Super Mario Sunshine (USA).iso
  • - CRC 771AD977
  • - MD5 0C6D2EDAE9FDF40DFC410FF1623E4119
  • - SHA1 8D094F2C5C112ABA9660F0478B16C7F2CAF63CBF




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
NintendoOriginal Work
MelonspeedrunsOriginal Hacking

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