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This patch fixes bug in SOUNDREL.IRX module which causes data corruption when new data is loaded faster than unpacked. This happens more often on emulators but also can happen on real hardware under some circumstances, for more info check info.txt in the archive.

Patch is made for all existing releases of the game, pick the one needed for your particular version and apply to the CD image through any available PPF patching tool, PPF-O-Matic is a good choice.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • USA
  • Serial number: SLUS_204.13
  • CRC32: dd673b1d
  • MD5: 17e1f9e7624a0c099a28c0c3ceb644fb
  • SHA-1: 419697e9a655517e0b2589a28de8ca6862dca66f
  • Europe
  • Serial number: SLES_504.46
  • CRC32: fad31937
  • MD5: 53a561de1c635da4d96a041b6aa2141a
  • SHA-1: cb64690f82146ee3839a9b53dded5ae3edbf43ec
  • Germany
  • Serial number: SLES_506.08
  • CRC32: 8acb782f
  • MD5: 69f76731d730d4f19ded307cc6fe4c36
  • SHA-1: 13624d5101f10d172c6a907113b1b9d0feaf0f19



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Raziel I.C.H.I. ZnotHackingHacking and testing.

User Review Information

User Reviews
Great work, really cool fix!Mr206 Jan 20201.0Yes